Ehud….The Left Handed Dude

What are spiritual gifts, and what are their purpose?

Josh Barrett
Jul 22, 2018    36m
In this sermon Pastor Josh Barrett discusses what are spiritual gifts, and what are their purpose. He uses the unforgettable story of Ehud show how important it is to discover what your own spiritual gift is, and then to have the courage to use it. Video recorded at Chandler, Arizona.

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Josh Barrett: 00:37 Cornerstone! What's happening? Come on, let's go. I've been told about you second service. I heard you guys are excited. Yeah? Man. Hey, it's good to be back with you. I'm shocked actually. I spoke about five weeks ago. Thought that might be the last time for a couple of years but thank you for having me back. My name's Josh Barrett. I'm the lead pastor down at Church of Celebration in Maricopa. Yeah. Um, so if you're from Maricopa, why are you here today? Just. No, I'm just joking. Just joking. I'm just joking. Hey, listen, you're heading into the second week of a new series you started last week. Pastor Linn did a great job. Phenomenal job. Love listening to Linn speak...called Unforgettables. Unforgettables. Did you enjoy last week? He's backstage. Just so you know, he's listening to the lack of applause. So, Hey, God's desire, bottom line is God's desire for us to live a life that's unforgettable.

Josh Barrett: 01:36 And the whole idea I believe behind this series is sometimes, um, there's this, this idea in our mind that we're just normal and we're just ordinary. But if you search the scriptures, I think you'll find it rather amazing because there are some people that are very ordinary, very normal, very forgettable, that ended up living some pretty unforgettable lives. And that's exactly what God wants for you today as well. And that's what I believe is out there for you. So if you got your Bibles, you can turn where we're going to be today. Judges Chapter 3, seventh book of the Old Testament. We're going old school today. Okay, so go to the table of contents and go right seven books. We're going to get there in a minute. I've got a couple thoughts for you in advance. A lot of preachers and speakers (even myself) will kind of build to a moment and say like, "If I want them to go home with one thing, what would that one thing be?"

Josh Barrett: 02:37 And we, we lead up to it. I'm going to do things different today. I'm going to tell you it in advance and if you're a note taker, you want to write this down. But this is something that I've really observed today in ministry. But, um, this is, this is the truth. Following Jesus is not merely a decision that needs to be made, but rather a lifestyle that needs to be embraced. Can I get an amen? Amen. For all my, uh, millennials out there, can I get a wut wut? All right. Okay. So I don't want to leave you out. All right? Um, but I'm going to say that again, following Jesus is not merely a decision that needs to be made, but rather a lifestyle that needs to be embraced.

Josh Barrett: 03:21 Now, here's why I say this and this is powerful in its thought. Being in ministry, as long as I have, I've met so many Christians that, that will come to me and they'll be so frustrated with their life, their new Christian life, and they'll say, "It's so boring. It's so dull. It's uninteresting. Ever since I accepted Jesus, things have changed."

Josh Barrett: 03:43 So I will respond to them. And if that's you today, I'm responding to you and I will tell you this, "Listen, here's what I know as fact, if your life is boring and dull and uninteresting, I can guarantee you it's not because of Jesus."

Josh Barrett: 04:03 Okay. It's not because of Jesus and yet there's still though so many Christians today that gets so frustrated and disappointed with how their life has kind of turned out or the way that it's heading. Now listen for as I understand his disappointment. Okay? I really do. Let me just be, you know, set the record straight. How many of you have guys have taken your wife to a very fancy, expensive restaurant before and left very disappointed? Okay. Some of you guys need to take your wives on dates a little bit more. My Gosh. Okay, so I get this. All right? So I'll go there, and I'll look at the menu and I'm like she's worth it. I'm going to buy her whatever she wants. Now when I go to a restaurant, I don't know about you, but I want meat. Can I get an amen?

Josh Barrett: 04:53 Millennials: wut-wut? Okay, okay. I didn't want to leave you out today. Alright, so I want meat. So when I see beef on the menu, I'm like, I want that. I want that, and I order it. I'm like, I don't care if it's $39.95. I want meat, and I order it and then I'm so disappointed because it comes out and I've got to beef medallions no bigger than a Reese's peanut butter cup.

Josh Barrett: 05:14 I'm disappointed. So I'm thinking they got to have a chance to rebound. I'm going to give them a second chance, dessert. Do you like dessert? Anytime there's something like chocolate chip pound cake sign me up. So I'm thinking that they're going to do well. They're going to recover on this one and the dessert comes out and I'm so excited and I have seen Skittles bigger than the ice cream scoops on it. $39.95, plus my dessert. How many guys have gone and like got into the car and, babe we're going to a fourth meal at Taco Bell later on. You know what I'm saying? Right? So I get disappointment. I'm sure you get disappointment as well. And just like our fancy restaurant story, our experiences with Jesus or since following Christ, it just doesn't feel like it's what we signed up for. So for many of us here today, I believe, I believe in our walk with him.

Josh Barrett: 06:09 We've grossly underestimated because of our disappointments. What God wants to do in and through us personally and guys, I also know what been grossly underestimating something is okay? Because I'm a dad. I got a senior this coming year. Eighteen-year-old son graduated from Maricopa high school, home of the Rams. Okay. And I got a 16-year-old who is special needs. His name is Caleb. My oldest is Isaac, and I got a 10-year-old little girl that reminds me that I'm a good parent. Can I get an Amen? Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Cherice is her name. So I remember this one time where I grossly underestimated something. My wife was working. I was at home with Isaac, my two-year-old son, and he was at home and he was thirsty. "Daddy, I'm thirsty,” you know, and he talked really at a young age, really clear and all this stuff.

Josh Barrett: 06:57 So I go to the fridge. There's no juice. Apple juice is our savior. There's no juice. There is no milk. He's not going to drink water. What am I going to do? I don't want to call my wife disturb her at work, so I got to figure this out. I don't want to take him to the store because I know taking him to the store, got to get them out, and I'm not the kind of dad that goes, "Lock the door, buddy. I'll be right back, buddy."

Josh Barrett: 07:17 You know what I'm saying? And and that kind of thing. So here's what I' do. I go to the fridge and I open it up and I'm like, there's two cans of mountain dew that are left of my 12 pack. Maybe this will work for a while, and I'll call my wife later and ask, "Can you stop and get apple juice?" So I did a dad thing. Quit writing me off. You already looked at me like you are wicked father. I did the dad thing - half and half. Let's just say I grossly underestimated what toddler crack looks like. Okay? He could have painted the whole house in two minutes with a toothbrush. It was a long afternoon.

Josh Barrett: 08:02 So here's, here's my point. Let's get serious. Knock it off. Let's get serious. I believe today that a lot of followers of Jesus - you underestimate you, and if that’s you today, let me just give this passage out of the gate. Listen to the magnitude of this passage. Ephesians 2:10: For we, we followers of Jesus we're God's (who's? God's) workmanship. We're His masterpiece. We were created in His image in Christ Jesus. Why were we? Why were we created this way? To do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. We were created not to be forgettable. We were created to be unforgettable. Are you hearing me this morning, Cornerstoners? I'm going to call you Cornerstoners all day long. I don't care. Cornerstoners, do you hear me today? We were created not to be forgettable. We were created to live life unforgettably.

Josh Barrett: 09:02 So today I don't want to talk about praying a prayer. I don't want to do that. I want to talk about what it means for us to all out follow Christ no matter what and embrace this life and move from normalcy to abnormalcy. This is what we're after and I believe that we can move towards living unforgettable lives by asking ourselves for simple questions and looking at one of the most crazy, ridiculous, insane stories in the Bible that maybe you have ever come across.

Josh Barrett: 09:29 All right, and these are the four questions. So if you're a note taker, you want to write these down and we'll try to get through this thing as fast as we can. By the way, I got 26 minutes left. I usually preach 45. I go shorter when people respond with me. This side wants done. You want a lot of Bible today.

Josh Barrett: 09:50 Number one, what bothers you? Now I'm not talking about what superficially bothers you. Like here's what superficially bothers me: When I waited in line for like five minutes down in Maricopa at the McDonald’s and I'd finally get like right behind the person that's ordering, and they take 10 minutes because they keep ordering. I can them. I have my windows down. What comes in a quarter-pounder meal? I'm like, would you look at the freaking sign? The picture, the picture! Do you not just want to ram them?

Josh Barrett: 10:21 Maybe we do things different down in Maricopa. I dunno. I'm talking here, what spiritually bothers you? We're talking like something comes upon you and the Holy Spirit's like, that's not right. That shouldn't be happening. Something should be done about it. That's what I'm talking about now. Judges is a crazy, crazy book, right? It really is. The last part of Judges is like Braveheart and Gladiator combined. The last three chapters are insane. It's something that if you've been in church a long time, you never were shown this on your flannel graph in Sunday school. Okay? You just weren't. Judges three. A little background before we really jump in. God's people, the Israelites have escaped slavery from Egypt and they made it to the promised land known as Israel and Canaan, and the Bible says that they are growing comfortable with their freedom, their comfortability with their relationship with God.

Josh Barrett: 11:16 Now I know that doesn't happen to anybody in here today. Just look to somebody that it does to your right or left. Okay, so the Bible says though, they had become so comfortable that they're worshiping other gods and they begin to compromise their beliefs. So, here's what would happen is God would allow the nation of Israel to become oppressed until they would cry out things like, "We don't like how things are going. This isn't what we signed up for." So then when they came to this point of repentance, then God would then send a deliverer known as a judge, and a judge was basically this spiritual leader that would eventually lead the, the enslaved or oppressed Israelites back to freedom with God. And that's where our story picks up. One of many, but this is a crazy one of this happening over and over.

Josh Barrett: 12:03 Judges 3:12-14. Here we go. Ready? Once again, the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord, and because they did evil, the Lord gave them Eglon, King of Moab. Everybody say Eglon. One, two, three. King of Moab, power over Israel. Now we're going to talk about this dude in a minute, but, but let me just tell you that in advance, it gets really gross. It gets really, really gross and I just want to forewarn you in advance. Okay? I've preached here before and I've actually gotten a PG-13 rating. Like, watch out - this dude's got something to say. You know what I'm saying? So all right, so let's keep reading. Getting the Amalekites and mosquito bites to join him.

Josh Barrett: 12:46 Listen, I got to pause because there are some people like, "What did it say right there? " You know, just flipping through. It’s not in your Bible. I just made that up, okay? Eglon came and he attacked Israel. They took possession of the City of Palms and the Israelites were subject to Eglon, King of Moab for 18 years. Now, this is hard for us as Americans to wrap our brains around because yes, many of us have lived long enough to see attacks on our soil or even fight wars across the oceans. But we have...Never in my lifetime, I have never had someone attack our nation and then enslave us and oppress us for, for for any amount of time. Now I'm trying to make the point of you got grab a hold of....

Josh Barrett: 13:29 It would be very easy to become depressed, depressed, like overwhelmed like this. This shouldn't be happening for 18 years. Just wrap your brain around this. Eighteen years under the Moabite rule. Now I'm sure during this period of time there's lots of Israelites thinking this shouldn't be happening. That's supposed to be on our side, not theirs. Do you remember? Do you remember? How about you? Do you remember what he did back at the Red Sea or what you were told happened back in there? Come on. Do you remember how he delivered in the wilderness? This isn't right, and I'm sure you probably are familiar with this because there's a whole lot of thinking going on. A whole lot of wondering, but there's a whole lot of no acting going on because it went on for 18 years.

Josh Barrett: 14:18 A lot of people, like Christians today, when you see a need that comes before you and you're like, that is serious; that's sad. Here's what we do. We pray over that and we say, God, please, please, would you, you know, provide something for that. Or when we're oppressed, please set us free. There's probably some Bible studies that are going on right at this period of time, you know? Seven steps to escape Moabite slavery. Sign up this Sunday, right? For 18 years, they're oppressed, and nobody is willing to do anything about it because nobody has bothered enough to act. So here's what happens again, a Verse 15: Again, the Israelites cried out to the Lord

Josh Barrett: 15:02 and he gave them a deliverer, Ehud, a left-handed dude. Okay? Now listen, I know it says man in the Bible, but I'm saying Ehud the left-handed dude, because you're going to remember that when you go home today. It's Redbook - word association. Go look it up. It works out really well. Everybody say Ehud the left-handed dude. Okay, that really sucked, so let's try it again. Okay, on the count of three, one, two, three years, Ehud, the left-handed dude. This is our guy. This is our guy that has seemingly forgettable living a forgettable life that's about ready to do something unforgettable. The son of Garrah, the Benjamite - the Israelites sent him with tribute. They sent Eglon, er they sent Ehud with tribute, a gift to Eglon, the King of Moab. So now it appears finally in our story somebody our story, somebody is introduced that's bothered enough by the situation that he's going to do something about it. Now, really quick with this thought, maybe it took 18 years of oppression for Israel to repent. It very easily could've been that. Or maybe (this is the way my brain works), maybe it took 18 years for Ehud to become bothered enough by the current situation to actually do something. Maybe for 18 years God had been coming to Ehud and saying, "Ehud, dude, you're the one. You're the one that I want to do this."

Josh Barrett: 16:32 And it finally bothered him on the deepest of levels. Listen, I think we need to stop asking God for peace in our situations. God, would you just get this? We're looking for the easy route. I think we need to start praying to God and asking him to bother us enough to do something about it. I really do. I got one Amen. You, you never will know what God is willing to do until you let him bother you enough. So my question with this first idea, ready? What is it? What is it that is spiritually bothering you today? What is it? Here's the next question. How are you gifted? How are you gifted? Now, here's the tragedy with the church today, friends. If I were to ask each of you today like go back there, stand by the door and ask each of you as you walked out, what your spiritual gift? I have a fear that many of you would look at me like, "What, huh? What?"

Josh Barrett: 17:33 Now my spiritual gifts are preaching and administration. You may have different ideas after you did the rest of this message. I don't know, but those are my gifts, but I believe in. I've encountered many people today that are followers of Jesus. They have no clue, no clue whatsoever. What's your gifting is and what blows my mind? If the creator of the universe actually has the gift for you, would you be in the slightest bit interested to know what that gift is? What'd you be intrigued? Just like, Ooh, wow. Creator of the universe. You know the guy that created you? Wow.

Josh Barrett: 18:14 How are you gifted? Look at how this translates in our story. Get to Verse 15 again. The Israelites cried out to the Lord and he gave them a deliverer named Ehud the left-handed dude, the son of Garrah the Benjamite. Now listen friends, anytime the Bible mentions something that's like, wow, why did it mention that? Like Ehud is left-handed, you need to understand something. There's always a purpose behind a meaning of why there's something in the scriptures. You can't skip over it, and you're gonna find out here in a minute why this is in here. How many people out there are lefthanded? Look around. This is what's wrong with America right now. I'm just joking. I'm just joking. How many of you are right handed? Raise your hand. Yeah, smart people. Okay. Bible says, Ehud is the left-handed dude and he's from the tribe of Benjamin, and here's what might blow your mind today. Benjamin in Hebrew actually means (he's left handed), son of the right hand.

Josh Barrett: 19:22 My point: Ehud did not fit in. I love the fact that God is about ready to use somebody who didn't fit in, who seemed to be forgettable to do something unforgettable in a big way, and here's what you need to understand today with this and how it translates to you. You have a gift, and if your life is frustrating because you follow Jesus and you're like, oh, this isn't right. You know what I'm saying? I don't get along as well with my former posse that I used to hang out with. You're not supposed to! You know that you're now called to be holy, which means to be set apart. You are called to be different. You are no longer called to be normal. Your no longer called to be forgettable. Normal sucks. You're called to be abnormal. Point to someone right now and tell them you're abnormal. Say, "Thank you very much. I appreciate that. You're abnormal too."

Josh Barrett: 20:16 God called you to be different and make a difference to be unforgettable. Back to our story. Ready? Verse 15: so the Israelites sent him, Ehud, with tribute to Eglon, King of Moab. Now Ehud (this is great) had made a double-edged sword. This is where I get to be Maximus Meridius, Commander of the Northern Army, that he strapped (about a foot and a half long), that he strapped to his right thigh under his clothing. Now normal reading, we're just like this is so like okay, normal, whatever. Right? But Ehud is what? Ehud is what? I'll just keep doing this the rest of 15 minutes, and we'll go into this. Ehud is what? Lefthanded! And he is about ready to use his unique gifting to be who God wants them to be, which is unforgettable. Now, many of us here today because we just demonstrated are right handed, so normal. In that day and age, we would strap our knife to our left sides in which we would pull on someone and say, "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Right?

Josh Barrett: 21:33 But he was lefthanded, so he put his 18 inch sword on his right thigh. Now here's the significance. Do miss this. God's sovereignty is all over this story. Anytime that you would go before the king, of course it would require a search for weapons, and since most people in that day and age, especially if you're from the tribe of Benjamin, they would check, and they checked his left thigh. No weapons go on into the king. You see this. This is all unfolding, unfolding how God has planned, so Ehud embraced his uniqueness, how God gifted him being lefthanded to accomplish the task that He had set out for Him to do. And my point here is God has uniquely gifted you to no longer live, forgettable, but to live unforgettable. So what is your gift? Do you even know what God has gifted you with today?

Josh Barrett: 22:44 Number three, what opportunities are in front of you? Now, this is where the story gets ridiculous. It gets a little odd. This is where the Bible gets what you would call politically incorrect. I mean this would. This would start a chat line in your feed on Facebook today, okay? Verse 17 through 28, he presented the tribute to Eglon, King of Moab, who was a very fat man. Now listen, you're already (some of you right now), "You shouldn't say that. You shouldn't say fat because it's politically incorrect." Right? We teach our kids from a really young age. Don't call someone fat, call them big boned. I call them fluffy. You're like, seriously, if you meet me later, call me husky. I prefer that one. Right? And especially if you see me at Walmart later day up in Chandler and like I forget my pack of gum and start backing up and your kids back there, don't let them go "beep, beep, beep." Don't do that because that's incorrect. But the Bible says he was a fat man, so we're going with fat man. After he had presented tribute, he sent on their way, the men who had carried it, those that were with him; at the idols near Gilgal, he himself then turned back and he said, "I have a secret message for you, oh King. The King then was like intrigued and he said "quiet", and he dismisses all his attendants from the room.

Josh Barrett: 24:16 And he who had approached him while he was sitting alone in the upper room of the palace and he said, "I have a message for you oh king."

Josh Barrett: 24:26 And it was in this moment that God said, "Hey, remember our conversations and about opportunities I've now put in front of you".

Josh Barrett: 24:39 A very large opportunity, very large. My point here is if you allow God to bother you enough to where you embrace your special, unique gifting, God will never, He will never stop putting opportunities in front of you. Do you realize today that we have spent like seven total minutes here at church in this service, which is on a time restricted schedule talking about opportunities, very fat, large opportunities for you to be involved in ministry with. You'll never run out of them, which leads us to number four. Are you willing to finally take a risk?

Josh Barrett: 25:31 Check this out. This looks crazy. I love it. Ehud then approached him while he was sitting alone in the upper room of his palace and said, "I have a message from God for you."

Josh Barrett: 25:43 Of course, the king is interested, as the king rose from his seat. Ehud reached with his left hand the sword from his right side because it didn't get checked because he's left handed and he plunged it into the king's belly. Oh, do you see this happening? And then, check this out. Even the handle sank in. Alright, and it enveloped, the blade, and it came out his back and his bowels discharge. Ehud did not pull the sword out because the fat had enclosed it. Duh! You want to take that sword home with you? It was like [demonstrates], oh dude, you can keep that man. My cousin gave me that sword. You can have that.

Josh Barrett: 26:47 Oh, oh, oh, oh. Are you smelling what we're smoking here today, Celebrators? Now it says something in this quick little passage and I can't just overlook and fly past this, says his bowels discharged. This just must be the youth pastor in me that has to talk about this for a minute. There's some other Hebrew translations that are a little bit even more closer to the accurate recording and they make this huge point. This is a huge point. Okay? KJV says, the dirt came out, ESV says, the dung came out. Our Bible says, you know, or a translation of our point today and in the NIV it says that his bowels discharged.

Josh Barrett: 27:22 Here's my translation. When you take a risk, sometimes God's will is messy. Sometimes you're going to put yourself out there. I'm ready. I'm ready to move from being forgettable, unforgettable. And you know what? Sometimes you're going to get hurt. I've been a pastor, and at COC lead pastor for 12 years. I've been in ministry for 23 years and I can tell you honestly, I mean from just being brutally honest today, a lot of times ministry sucks. Why? Because of you, and me Ministry is messy, but you got to understand you were not the original intended reader. Yes, you are now, but the original intended reader was the Hebrew reader and when they would first read this text, let me tell you, they would take great joy and delight that the enemy was humiliated to the point in which his bowels discharged.

Josh Barrett: 28:35 This was significant, and here's what I mean after this. One of the greatest joys and delights for you as a follower of Jesus, is that you can have it with God when you, when you take a risk is that you are humiliating the enemy. You are doing the exact opposite that he wants. He wants you to stay forgettable, but when you decided to be unforgettable, you are humiliating, humiliating the enemy.

Josh Barrett: 29:06 Now I'm gonna stop right here. I'm warning you, okay? This is where the Bible. Gee, you know the rainbows, sunshine and Unicorns, ideas that everything [unintelligible]. This is where it gets crazier, crazier. Verses 23-30, then Ehud went out to the porch, he shut the upper doors to the upper room that was behind him and he locked them. And, after he had gone, guys, God's sovereignty is all over these left-handed servants waiting outside everything. God bothers them enough to do something, trusting God, the servicemen and came and they found the doors of the upper room locked and they said, he must be relieving himself.

Josh Barrett: 29:50 Now why would they say that? I know some of you are afraid to laugh. You can laugh. Please laugh. Why would they say that? Because they could smell it because his bowels discharge, and I love this because it says they waited to the point of embarrassment, and in this moment, you know what's going on? This. This is guys being guys. Back in the Bible, they're like, oh dude Eglon, could you give us a courtesy flush, please? Teenage boys are the worst, right? Oh my gosh. I got an 18-year-old. He's got his buddies. He'll go to the bathroom, come out and say, do not, do not go in there. What do teenage guys do? They get up and they go in there. Whoo, I blew it up in there! Listen, this is so [inaudible] this is awesome. This is biblical bathroom humor, and it's okay to talk about. Stop it. Quit laughing, let's get serious.

Josh Barrett: 30:57 But when he did not open the doors to the room, they took a key and they unlocked them, and they saw their lord fallen to the floor dead. Now check this out. Check how God's hand is all over this. While they waited, Ehud got away, passed the idols and escape to Seirah. When he arrived there, he blew a trumpet in the hill country of Ephraim, and the Israelites went down with him from the hills with him leading them and they took back their freedom. All because Ehud took a risk. He, he, he listened. He got no guarantees. This particular situation...he could have died. He could have died just at the checkpoint if they just would've checked this. But he did what God said to do and he said, it's time for you to stop being forgettable, Ehud. It's time for you to become unforgettable. Ehud was final...he was finally bothered enough spiritually, like, I'm tired of this.

Josh Barrett: 32:32 Please friends, don't let it take 18 years for you to become spiritually bothered enough to do something. Are you bothered by something? Ehud was willing to finally embrace this unique gift, and "all of my life I've been teased because I'm left handed and I'm from the tribe of the right hand. But God has gifted you uniquely for that. What are you gifted with? I've already told you, Ehud saw very clearly the large opportunity that God had put into his life. Every single week I guarantee you, you come here, and you see an announcement after announcement after announcement for ministry ministry ministry. Right in front of you are some very fat opportunities every single week.

Josh Barrett: 33:34 And Ehud took a risk and that's where many of us are paralyzed. We're stuck being normal. We're stuck being ordinary. We're stuck being forgettable, but you are God's masterpiece, created to live unforgettable. This story, it’s absolutely and unequivocally unforgettable. And your life could be too. If you would just realize that following Jesus, it's not merely a decision, but you make, but rather a lifestyle that you embrace.

Josh Barrett: 34:35 Stand on your feet. With your heads bowed and eyes closed, this is probably the most important time. It is at our church. I'm sure it is for you as well in which God has been talking to you, and there's no one's looking around. All heads bowed, eyes closed. Listen, my prayer has been that somebody, somebody today has become bothered enough to act, to finally do what God has called you to do.

Josh Barrett: 35:06 I'm going to pray. We've got some counselors in the front. This is the last song, and they're willing to talk to you. If you can't see that opportunity in front of you, they'll show you. But I pray that somebody, somebody today is ready to say I'm done. I'm done being forgettable and I'm ready to be unforgettable. Jesus, thanks for my friends. Thanks for letting me hang out with them again. It's an honor to be here. I pray that you moved in someone's life. You took me out of the way and that you were in a way glorified and we were able to make your name famous today. Give somebody the courage to come forward. Take a risk. Say I'm ready. I'm ready to go on that trip. I'm ready to serve. I'm ready to go to that women’s' retreat. I'm ready to sign up and serve on Saturday nights. That's uncomfortable. Uh, I'm, I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it. I'm going to lead the charge. Let me Ehud on Saturday nights, take a risk move. Jesus, we love you. In your precious and holy, holy, holy son's name. And all God's people said Amen.

Recorded in Chandler, Arizona.
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