Why Can't We Be Friends

Real friends show love toward one another as Jesus loves us.

Tim Beal
Jun 25, 2017    35m
In this week of Mixtape, Tim asks us to think about how good we are at loving one another. As real friends how good are we at loving people that are not easy to love? He explores the difference between love and acceptance and urges us to try to love more in our lives. Video recorded at Chandler, Arizona.

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Tim: 00:37 I'm glad you're my friend. Hey welcome. How are we doing? Ah I hope you are having as much fun with this series as we are. I hope this is as fun for you and I hope that this is maybe taking some of you down memory lane a little bit where you're thinking about those days just kind of cruising with the windows down when it's not 200 degrees. And just listening to some of this maybe belted these songs out with some of your friends.

Tim: 01:06 Hey welcome to Cornerstone glad that you guys are here. My name is Tim I'm one of the pastors and thank you so much for doing this with us. We're in this series called Mixtape where we're just taking some of my favorite songs back from the 70's, 80's, 90's some stuff I grew up with and we're cool some spiritual stuff hopefully out of them and just trying to have a good time. I think we miss out in church sometimes. We don't get to have fun and I feel like we should. So we're just going to have fun today. So glad that you guys are here. If you're watching in Scottsdale or San Tan thank you guys for doing that. If you're in the venue service, man, thank you so much for doing that as well. And then if you're an overflow all those places watching online, thank you for doing this journey with us today. We're going to walk through something that I think is going to be a little bit of fun and a little bit convicting and I don't even know if those two go together or not but we're going to see we're going to hope that they make friends and we're going to see what happens. If you've got a bible I want to start off with this. If you've got a bible jump with me.
Tim: 01:54 John 13. There's a passage in John 13. I want to start with and I'm going to turn there with you to just so we get there at the same time. John 13. There's this moment where Jesus says something and it's in Verse 34 and he says that it's new but I don't think it's new because I've read it tons of times. But he says it's new so I'm just going to take him at his word. It's John 13 Verse 34. He says this. He says, "A new command I give you. Love one another as I have loved you so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples if you love one another."

Tim: 02:35 One of the most fundamental verses of our faith. It's one of these things that Jesus said that almost just kind of makes sense, but it's common sense, but it's so much common sense that it's just hard to put in it and be a part of our life. 'Love one another just as I have loved you. So you must love one another.' And then he says, "By this if you love one another people are going to know that you're my disciples."

Tim: 02:56 My question for us this morning is we kind of walk through God's word today. My question is this. How is his heart? How good are you at loving one another? And let that soak for just a second. How good are you at loving one another? And not the person that's easy to love. I'm not talking about them because everybody loves that person. That's the one that comes in and everyone's like, "Steve" and you want to see him and you want to hug them because they're just a sweet person. I'm not talking about that when I'm talking about the one that you see on Wal-Mart, when you see him in aisle over and you're like, "Oh nuts." And you put your head down and you just push the cart and you're like I don't need eggs that bad and you're just trying to get home so you don't have that conversation. How good are you at loving them? What about the neighbor with the yappy dog? Or maybe the cat that jumps over your pool fence. How good are you loving them? What about the co-worker that constantly borrows your stapler? How good are you at loving them? What about someone who is totally different than you? Maybe they look completely different. Maybe their skin is a different color. Maybe, maybe they listen to a different type of music. Maybe politically they're on a different field than you. How good are you loving them? Feel that tension. It just went from fun yappy dog to oh, oh.

Tim: 04:30 I want us to look at that this morning and this is why. I think if we could get better at loving each other and we could just be friends. If we could just be friends and we could get better at loving each other, I think we would see God do some crazy things. And what's beautiful in this is I think that God is already doing some crazy things here. I mean we see God just changing people's lives left and right. And that's awesome but I think that we would see more. And my biggest fear is this. My biggest fear is that us, as a family, that we come together and that some of us come into this room and that we celebrate and we fellowship and we enjoy a really, really good experience. But then we leave and we're alone again until next Sunday. And we've missed out on the deep end of what this book talks about and we're satisfied with just a shallow experience of a Sunday afternoon. And there's more to this than just what we're doing today.

Tim: 05:27 Pray with me because if we're going to do this God is going to have to, he's going to have to soften our hearts and he's going to have to open our eyes open. So pray with me real quick and we're just going to dive in and hopefully be friends. God thank you for today. Jesus thank you for grace. Thank you for loving us. God I thank you so much for the truth that's in this book. God I pray that you would take these next few minutes that we have together and God that you would remove me completely. That you would take away my words, you would replace them with yours and God as we open this book up and as we read it, I pray that it would come alive to us God that it would. It would encompass who we are and that we would embrace what it says and God that we would act out what we read today. God I pray that you would watch over and use us. And Jesus if there's anyone in this place today that doesn't know you help them to understand why we do and maybe God help them to understand how much you love them. So Jesus thank you for grace. Thank you for loving us. God again we asked this and your beautiful name. Amen, amen.

Tim: 06:16 Hey so we're just going to go deep in this. So if you've got it then you got your bibles are still out. Jump to Acts. Just a couple of books over to the right Acts, Chapter 2. My thought is this. We right now, 2000 plus years after the very first church started, we get to embrace what they set up. So we're getting to eat the food that they cooked for us. They made this beautiful thing called church and church isn't a building church is you when we leave. Like church is us when we walk out of this place into the real world. They built church that God said was so important and they made that. And they did such a good job of it that we're thousands of years later and we're still celebrating not only who they are but we're still celebrating what they did and we're still doing some of the same things that they did. They did such a good job of it, that we get to reap the benefits of their hard work for the most part.

Tim: 07:06 What if we could go back to that church and look at how they did it and see, just see, if we're doing some of the same things? And just see if there's some ways to maybe maybe make this makes sense. So Acts, Chapter 2. I want you to see the beginning of church how it started. It's starts in verse. It's an Acts 2. We're going to start in Verse 36. Read this with me and let's go. It says, 'Therefore let all Israel be assured of this. God has made this Jesus whom you crucified both Lord and Messiah. When the people heard this they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other Apostles, "Brothers, what shall we do?" Peter replied, "Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The promise, this promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off. For all whom the Lord our God will call." With many other words he warned them and he pleaded with them. "Save yourselves from this corrupt generation." Those who accepted this message were baptized and about 3000 were added to their number that day. They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship and to the breaking of bread and to prayer.'

Tim: 08:22 Now this is, this is where it starts. This is the beginning and you've got Peter's message. And if we're going to do this I want to start with just this. I think we would change how we act towards other people if we would embrace two things at this very first church got. And it's two very simple things and it's true for all of us. It's true regardless of your economic background. It's true regardless of how big your bank account is. It's true regardless if you don't have a bank account. It's true regardless if you just stole a bank account like 30 minutes ago. None of that stuff matters right now. There's two truths that encompass every one of us.

Tim: 08:53 The one is this we all desperately need Jesus. There is not one person in this room that needs Jesus more than you do. We all desperately need Jesus. And I know some of you are looking at your neighbor going, "No it's him. This fool needs Jesus." No they need Jesus just as badly as you do. We all, all of us desperately need Jesus. The second thing that this early church got was that everybody desperately needs Jesus. They also got this that Jesus desperately loves everyone. Not only do we all desperately need god but God desperately loves all of us.

Tim: 09:33 Peter's message was so simple. Verse 36. 'God has made Jesus whom you crucified both Lord of Messiah' and I love what happens in verse, verse 37. 'When the people heard this they were cut to the heart.' What Peter said to them, man, it spoke right to them. Have you ever been in that moment where you're sitting in a service and somebody is like this is talking and it feels like they've been reading your e-mails? And it feels like out of everybody in the room they're talking specifically to you. And you're like how does he know this about my life? And they're just saying, Linn does this a lot because he's smart and his message is so powerful. He'll he'll talk. And it's just like he's he's just specifically to you and it's like it cuts you to the heart. That's what happened here.

Tim: 10:18 Peter's message, man, it was so relevant. It was so on point. It gets these people. It rattles them to the soul so much so that these guys, 3000 of them, are going up to Peter going, "Dude, what do I do?" How cool would that be. Right? How cool. Some of you have experienced that moment where you sat in church the message hit and you're like, "Man, what do I do?" And you've gone to yes tables and you've come up front and prayed with people that's happened before. So some of you understand that. But this is where it began.

Tim: 10:51 It says that 'They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship and the breaking of bread and prayer.' That they devoted themselves, this is the apostles teaching. It's not somebody on stage with a microphone. The apostles teaching wasn't a voice that was being spoken. It was a voice that was recorded. It was the voice of Jesus. The apostles teaching that they devoted themselves to is this book.

Tim: 11:13 So let me just start with this. How have you, how have we devoted ourself to this book? Do we look like this book? If we were do a comparison and hold them side by side, would we resemble what's written here? My fear is this. My fear is that too many of us affect this book and too little of us are affected by this book.

Tim: 11:49 This book is supposed to affect our lives. Our lives aren't supposed to affect this book. This book, if you don't believe in Jesus, this book is why we're so weird. This book is seriously, it's why we're so jacked up, that this book is why we do weird things. This book is why we get up every single Sunday morning and we come to this place. This book is why we get up early and we pour into this book. This book is why when somebody cuts us off in traffic nine times out of ten we don't flip them off. This book is why. Just being real. This book, this book is why. This book changes how we act towards our neighbors. This book is why we love people who are different than us. This book is why. This book, every part of this book is true. And you need to hear this. There's things in this book that I really, I struggle with. That there's things in this book that I try so hard to do that I'm just I'm not there yet. This book, I don't get to change that because this book doesn't. This book changes me. I don't change this book.

Tim: 12:43 And they devoted themselves to this book. I wonder if God were to look down if he would see us resembling this book. I think for many of us it's kind of like online dating. Like you know I'm talking about singles? You see the picture that looks like young Denzel Washington. But then when you actually meet him it looks like old George Washington. You feel me? Online it looks just like J-Lo. But then in real life it's like, "Oh no." because she got a beard.

Tim: 13:16 I wonder if you were to put this beside us if God would look down and see the resemblance. I wonder, I wonder how well we reflect this book. It's a real simple test. It's how well do you love other people? Do you want to know how much of this book that you resemble? How well do you love people not like you? You get in this first church there was tension. And it's hard for us to embrace that tension because we're thousands of years later and we're an air conditioning and we're in a church that's not in Rome. This, this is this is easy for us now. It's easy for us to read but it's hard for us to understand the tension. It says some crazy things. It says that all these people gather together and they devoted themselves to the breaking of bread and to prayer. That all these people came together and there was more than 3000 of them and they were friends. And I don't know if they sang the song. I like to think they did.

Tim: 14:15 Let me let me see if this helps bring the tension to this room? In this 3000 people you have people who were slaves sitting by people who were free. You had people of different nationalities sitting by other people of different nationalities. You had people of different belief systems sitting beside people of different belief systems. You had people who loved Rome sitting besides people who hate Rome. Let me make that more relevant for us.

Tim: 14:43 In this first church you had people who voted for Donald Trump sitting beside people who voted for Hillary Clinton, sitting beside people who didn't vote for either one because they didn't like either choice. And there was peace. In this first church you had people sitting beside people of different skin colors. And there was peace. And in this in this first church you had people sitting beside people who thought differently about sexual orientation, about taxes, about health benefits, about all these different things. And there was peace. And please hear me. There was peace and peace isn't acceptance, peace is love. And so please let me be very clear on this because this book affects us. We don't affect this book. And this book is very clear on what it says on these things. And some of you are like, "Oh great here we go."

Tim: 15:31 Now I'm not getting political I want to get biblical. I want this book to affect what I think not what I think affecting this book. And so much so that these guys gathered together and they learned how to, not to accept each other, but how to love each other. And there's a huge difference between the two.

Tim: 15:52 You get what Heaven is going to be like, right? Like Heaven you're going to have people from every nation, every tribe, every tongue. Revelation 7:9 says that gathered around the throne of God that there's going to be people from every background, from every social economics, from every color of skin, from every, every walk of life, that they're all going to be gathered around the throne of Jesus worshipping. That Heaven is going to be this huge smorgasbord of church, of people from every background in one place.

Tim: 16:17 I feel like we should practice for that moment instead of waiting for it to happen. We should get excited about that moment instead of waiting for it to happen. And they came together and because they could put their differences aside and because they loved each other, 3000 people came to Jesus. It says that they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching to fellowship, to breaking of bread and to prayer. If we're going to go deeper, and I don't mean deeper in the word, like where we're learning Greek in Hebrew cause I don't know if that's necessarily deeper. I mean deeper where application is involved.

Tim: 17:07 If we're going to grow deeper into what this book says and we're going to take this book, and this book is going to become us, and we're going to be ingrained in this book. And this book is going to affect how we think and how we treat people and how we love others. If those things are going to happen we can't do it alone.

Tim: 17:23 And some of us right now are pretty content on this being church. And we're coming here and we're fellowshipping and we're having this and we have hopefully a great experience. And we walk out of those doors and we're alone until we come back. And that's the shallow end of what this is talking about. That's the shallow end of fellowship. You see that's not how we were built. It's not how it was ever intended. We were intended for something deeper than that.

Tim: 17:49 And when you come with that deeper relationship you get around people who are different than you. Who think differently than you. Who act different than you. This book tells us to love people not like us. It's kind of, I feel like it's kind of like this, like at any given moment, I feel like you walk around. And at any given moment in time you can you can walk in and everything is good. And then you bring something up and it's kind of like those movies, like with the drug deals like where everybody's packing heat, like everybody in the drug deal, right? In the movie like everybody's got it. But then one person pulls a gun and then it's like this. And then throughout the whole thing it's, it's like this right now this has been America for the last like six to eight months. It doesn't matter what's going on because everything that's happening is like you got a gun pointed at you. And there's a gun at everybody else and no matter what you said and we're labeling everything else, "Dude I'm pro-life." "No, I'm pro-choice." And it's just gone crazy. And we've got these gun filled out. And we raise our guards up. And we're like, "Man I'm this.""No,I'm this." And, "I'm, I'm going to go do this." And, "No I'm going to go do this." And, "Well I'm Baptist." "Well I'm not." And then when we're doing this and we've got these guns and then somebody threw in, "Well, well I'm gluten free. And I just want a doughnut and I don't know what happened cause I used to be able to eat doughnuts and now I can't eat a doughnut because now 10 years later I'm going to die. I just want Krispy Kreme. Get off the back." And we got our guns up.

Tim: 19:19 How ridiculous is that? And we've lost sight of this book because we walk in packing heat and everywhere we go we've got our guns up. And we're guarded. And we've got to protect ourselves because of what we believe. And we can't show love because man it's hard to show love when you're shooting somebody. And somebody right now are like, "Dude is this NRA thing? Are you talking about guns?" No I'm not talking about gun I'm talking about putting them down. If we're going to do this we've got to stop. We've got to just put our guns down. And we've got to realize that people are different than us. And we've got to go back to these two fundamental truths. We desperately need Jesus and he desperately loves us. Some of you are going to get on Facebook and a little bit you're like Pastor Tim I've got your back man because I see that. And I heard that comment over here and we're going to get all matrix and pulling Halo and no. Put them down. Just put them down.

Tim: 20:36 You get how ridiculous this is? How are we different? It's time that we stop shooting like the world. And we start cutting like the word. It's time that we put our guns down and we let this book, and we let this book affect our lives. We let the truths that are found in this book become a part of us and the truths that are in this book become a truth for us. And we love people and people begin to see that we belong to Jesus. And we encompass the tension that comes with being different.

Tim: 21:06 You get that right now if in your circles there's some people that's not easy for you to love. You probably need a bigger circle. Because you've surrounded yourself by people just like you. Let me show you what happens if we do this. Verse 43. Because Verse 42, they devoted themselves to this book to breaking bread and to prayer.

Tim: 21:28 'Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions and gave to anyone that had need. Every day they continued to meet in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with a glad and sincere heart. Praising God and enjoying favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.' Can you imagine how crazy that first meal was? Because it talks in there twice about them breaking bread together as friends. You had Jewish people sitting next to Gentiles. You got a Gentile who's throwing pork ribs on the grill and then you've got a Jewish dude who is like, "Dude I can't have that. Do you have any unleavened bread?"

Tim: 22:17 And they're sitting in the same house loving each other. Embracing the differences in each other. You get that when when you're around people who are different than you and you embrace that difference and you love people who are different than you that there's a richness that comes from that. That there's something so beautiful from that community that it builds up the family of God. That it makes us better.

Tim: 22:49 Verse 44, 'All the believers were together and had everything in common.' You know what the everything in common was? They all desperately needed Jesus and Jesus desperately loved all of them. And they became friends. And they became friends disagreeing with each other because I'm not talking about acceptance. I'm talking about love. I'm not talking about shooting like the world. I'm talking about cutting like the word. And I love that that word is used, that they were cut to the heart because in Hebrews 4 this book says that this word of God is like a two edged sword. That it's sharp and that it cuts and that it divides and it separates. and what it does is it exposes parts of our lives that need to change. And it opens up who we are to things about who God is and if we'll let it, this book will affect us. And it will show us things about our life that need to be different.

Tim: 23:45 I think with me the person that's hardest to love and if you're sitting by him don't make eye contact. I don't want to get weird. The person that's hardest for you to love. What is it about him that just annoys you? And again this is mental this isn't, I don't want therapy in a second. What is it though that makes it so hard for for them to love? Most likely the people who are hardest for you to love are the people who are the most different from you.

Tim: 24:14 They probably have a different political value than you. They may have voted something different than you. You know that right now if you were to look too far from your right there's people who voted Republican. And if you look too far to your left there's people who voted Democrat. And there in this room right now. And some of you are like, "Dude I've got to check out where I sit next time." No, sit exactly where you are because we got to learn to love each other. We've got to embrace the difference off who we are.

Tim: 24:45 The best way that we do that is community. It's fellowship. You get, and this is one of the things that I love about Cornerstone, this book, this is so crazy, this book is what brought me to this church. You understand that? This book is what got me here at Cornerstone because I grew up in church and I've shared my story with you guys many times. I grew up in church and I grew up seeing some ugly things in church. I remember being at a church as a volunteer and getting a bunch of kids to come to this youth event and his kids showing up with his shirt off and a mohawk and a nipple ring and I remember the lead pastor looking at me going, "Hey Tim before that dude comes into this service he better get a shirt on and watch him. I don't want him stealing anything." I'm like what's he, what's he going to do? Is he stealing a hymnal? I mean seriously. What's he going to take? And I remember hearing that thinking are you read in a different book than I am.

Tim: 25:36 I remember walking into a church on staff working with junior high students and I had my hat on. And I walked in and sat down. And I still have the card to this day. A deacon from the church, one of their leaders, came up and ripped the hat off of my head and he threw it in my chest and he handed me this card that told me how filthy of a sinner I was for wearing a hat in the House of the Lord. And how disrespectful that was. And I remember in that moment thinking isn't somebody going to come and say something. Like that just seems backward because that's not what I read here. I don't read about firing guns. I read about love. I read about showing people who Jesus is by loving them the way that he loves us. And maybe as a church, as a church, not a building but as a body of Christ, maybe it's time that we remember how much Jesus loves you. And how many things you've done that you look to God and said, "Oh geez. I'm so sorry Jesus." And maybe we should start loving people the way that God loves us.

Tim: 26:33 That's the only way they're gonna know that we're different. We've got to embrace what makes us different. It's what brought me here because I remember going in those churches thinking if this is what church is like that's not what I'm reading about. I don't want anything to do with that. And I've found cornerstone. And I've found this place where you can walk through on any given day of the week and there are some jacked up people from every walk of life in this place.

Tim: 27:08 You got dudes on motorcycles. You got dudes in nice cars. You got guys hitchhiking. You got to dudes who sleeps behind the circle, K. You got all sorts of people that show up here every single week and we're doing it in here. We're doing it so good man we're learning to love each other. But how are we doing out there and where it counts?

Tim: 27:23 I'm getting better at this. At least I'm trying to. I was doing a wedding about a month ago and I forgot my suit was in the dry cleaners. Which I only have one suit because I hate them. So I was like man I don't know what to do and I've got to do this wedding. And I felt horrible because I didn't have a suit. So I called this dude that's one hundred percent night and day different than me, completely. He's got a 401K. I don't even know what a 401k is but he's got one. I'm pretty sure he's never listen to Iron Maiden. I don't think he's ever written a motorcycle before. I'm pretty sure he's never had a car that had a lift kit put on it.

Tim: 28:05 I doubt very seriously he's been stuck in the mud. I doubt that there's ever been a moment in his life that he walked out into the woods with a gun, shot something, cleaned it, brought it home and then ate that food. I don't think he's ever done any of those things. We are the polar opposite of each other. The only thing we have in common is we are about the same size. And I was stuck in this moment. I was stuck in this moment of what do I do? I don't want to buy another suit because I'm never going to wear it. I hate them. What am I going to do? So I call this friend. And you know how sketchy it is for guys to call someone to be like, "Hey can I borrow some clothes?" So weird.

Tim: 28:38 So I call this guy who is completely different than me. Every aspect of life is different than me. But he loves Jesus like I do. He's on vacation with his family. He's like, "Yeah dude I tell you what. Let me call a person who's watching my house. Give me 30 minutes and just go into my closet and take whatever you need." And I remember walking into this dude's closet and he has a wall of suits. Like a wall of suits. I've got a wall of t-shirts with like funny sayings. He's got a wall of suits. And this is how good of a friend he is. He let me borrow his suit for a wedding. This is how good of a friend I am. I borrowed a suit and I still haven't given it back. And I did another wedding last week and I wear that same suit. It's nicer than mine.

Tim: 29:29 We look absolutely nothing alike. We have so many things not in common. We try to talk sometimes and as he talks to me about stuff I have no clue what he's saying ninety percent of the time because he's never watched Adventure Time before. He doesn't watch Cartoon Network. He doesn't play Call of Duty. He doesn't plays Zelda all day. I mean that's not who he is. He's an adult. He's a normal 47 year old guy. And I'm not. But he knows that he desperately needs Jesus. And he knows that Jesus desperately loves him. And he's, he's a guy that if I'm in a bind that's who I'm going to call. Because I know that he's going to love me the way that Jesus loves him. And he's not going to judge me. He's not going to accept me. But he's going to love me.

Tim: 30:28 And there's parts of my life that he's going to call me out on that he's not going to accept as truth. He's going to love me though instead of forcing truth. Because that's what this book says and that's what this book does when we allow this book to change our lives. And I wonder how many of us, I wonder how many of us resemble this book?

Tim: 31:01 And I wonder if this is one of those things where Jesus looks down and he sings that song. 'One of those things is not like the other. One of those things doesn't belong.' What if we stopped trying to make this book different and we allowed this book to make us different? What if we walked out holding the same two truths that this early church did? Everyone desperately needs Jesus and Jesus desperately loves everyone. And rather than walking in with guns drawn shooting like the world. We resemble this book. And we cut like the word. And people out there see that we're different because we love them the way that Jesus loves us. I think once we do this well I think we'll see some of the same things that happened here where thousands of people are trusting God with their lives and there's no one around with need. That if someone's in need than somebody to help and take care of it.

Tim: 32:15 And I think we're close. But I think we need to start. Going back to our roots. Who is that one person that you're really struggling with loving. Go ahead and get them in your head again. Just for a second and don't think hateful things about him. How can you show them love this week? Not acceptance but love. Not gun drawn but word out. Showing them the same love that Jesus showed you. Showing them the same grace that Jesus loves you. Walking in and maybe this helps, it helps me, maybe walking into that encounter and the first thing that you say is, "This person desperately needs Jesus." And I get that's easy to say, "This person. Holy cow this guy definitely needs Jesus." But then following it up with, "And Jesus desperately loves them." How would you show them love this week? And if you're not involved in some type of community fellowship, small group, small church, something you're missing out on the richness that this book tells us about. And you're not jumping into the deep end of fellowship. You're settling for the shallow end of an experience. And there's more to this book. There's more to this than that.

Tim: 33:38 Pray with me. God thank you for today. Jesus thank you for grace. Thank you for love. God, I thank you so much just for the truth that's in this book. God I thank you so much for the truth that, this is who you are. God I thank you for the truth that we can take this book and we could apply it to our lives. And this book God can change us. So Jesus personally would you forgive me the times that I've tried to change this book that I've read something that maybe I didn't agree with or that was difficult. And I've pushed my own agenda in that. God would you help me to to let this book change who I am. And God I just ask that when you look down and you see me that you would see a resemblance of what's written in his book. God for those of us, man, for those of us who are doing this alone because we don't want to be around people different than us, or it's just more comfortable, it's just more convenient or there's just less stress when it's just us. Would you help us to realize that that's really just the shallow side of fellowship that that's not what's written in the pages here God?

Tim: 34:33 And that's not showing the world that we belong to you. That the way that we do that is by loving and embracing those things that make us different. And again Jesus not accepting but loving. And remembering and reminding ourselves daily of the fact that you desperately love us and we desperately need you. God would you help us to walk out of this place today. And show people around us the love that you show us. And I ask that you would do to us what you did in this first church. God would you just go crazy and allow people to be in awe and wonder of what you're doing in this place. Not because of us but because of you. Jesus do these things and more and help the world to see who we are because of you and your name God. Amen

Recorded in Chandler, Arizona.
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