Reality Three – Invitation

Living a godly life should be a goal of every Christian

Scott Rodgers
Feb 5, 2017    36m
When we're living a godly life God may urge us to go out of our comfort zone to accomplish something for his kingdom. We should respond positively to what God wants and do what He wants us to do. Video recorded at Chandler, Arizona.


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Scott Rodgers: 00:45 Hey Cornerstone. Good afternoon and good to see you guys. How are you?

Scott Rodgers: 00:49 OK.

Scott Rodgers: 00:51 So it's just a fact around here at Cornerstone that this service is the loud and rowdy crowd. So you're already beyond maybe what has gone before you but let's see what we've got today because, you know, we like to have some fun, like to get happy at Cornerstone. Come on man, we've got enough weighing us down in life. Let's celebrate a little bit. How many are glad to be here today? Come on give it up. Let's go. Come on man. Good to see you guys. My name is Scott. I'm so glad to be with you again. I want to ask you to do something just to get things kicked off. I want you to stand, invite you to stand, you don't have to. But I want to invite you to stand for me a moment as I read something. So let's stand on up as I read something, I want to read to you from the Gospel of John, it's not going to be on the screen. But it's John Chapter 11 verse 11 and I want encourage you let scripture speak to you right out of the gate here today. Here's what it says: Larry Fitzgerald is returning to play for the Cardinals in 2017. You like that? All right give somebody high fives and say welcome to Cornerstone. Come on and sit down. Stop this, you're in church, let's behave ourselves. Oh man I tell 'ya. So...

Scott Rodgers: 02:15 This is week four of this series called Experiencing God. And I ask for a little grace right in the beginning. I've had this really crazy cold for the last couple of weeks. Anybody else been been like a walking zombie and with this stuff? And it took me out but I'm better, I'm almost better today. But if I, if I cough or sniff or hack something up and spit it on the front row just give me a little grace. It's all right. I don't think I'm contagious anymore.

Scott Rodgers: 02:41 But in this series Experiencing God, the whole vision, I love pastor Linn's vision and heart behind this, is what would happen in our church if we not only believed in God and knew about God but were experiencing God personally. Relationally, intimately in our life. I mean what might happen in our homes, what might happen in our heart. What, what might happen in the workplace or at school if this thing became so real that we're experiencing God. And that's what we're chasing after during this whole series. And in Reality One we kind of identified these things called the realities out of the Experiencing God curriculum that many of you are engaged with in your small groups and small churches. But the Reality One was this whole truth that God is always at work, and Lynn really taught us in that is like hey, to experience God we have to first embrace this reality that he's always at work, and he taught us how to take the blinders off to see and notice more clearly what God was doing and where he was at work. And then last week in Reality Number Two we talked about how God is pursuing us, desiring a love relationship with you and with me. I mean after all experiencing God begins with his unrestrained love and his grace and His mercy that he relentlessly lavishes on us, I mean if we're going to experience anything from God it's gonna start with his love and his acceptance of us.

Scott Rodgers: 04:12 And today what I want to do is I want to unpack Reality Number Three which is this that God is inviting us to join him in his work. He's inviting you, he's inviting you, he's inviting me, he's inviting all of us to join with him in his in his work which for me poses a couple of questions that I want to address for the next few minutes as we're together. Ok, if God's inviting us to join with him in his work what's the nature of the work he's inviting us to? And how does he go about inviting us, in what form does that invitation come? How does he get our attention, and then what is he asking us to do? So when it comes to the invitation, I mean think about does, does God give us a sign? Does he speak to us in a dream? Does he text us or Snapchat us? I mean what, how does God communicate and get our attention? Well our key figure for this whole study is this guy named Moses. If you have a Bible on you go to Exodus chapter 3. It's in the Old Testament.

Scott Rodgers: 05:13 If you're not familiar with scripture it's near the beginning, it's Exodus chapter 3, so we're going to camp there for a minute. We're not going to read it yet but let me set up the scenario. So Moses is born a Hebrew. He's born one of God's chosen people in that time in history. The people that God chose to use to further his plan in the world but Moses is facing a genocide, as a baby he escapes, he survives and he's raised in royalty in the Egyptian palace. While he's being raised in royalty his people, the Hebrew people are enslaved and oppressed and abused by the Egyptians. So as Moses gets older he begins to see this. He recognizes it and says, "Hey this isn't right." So in anger he one day sees an Egyptian abusing a couple of Hebrews and he steps in and he reacts and he beats the guy up and kills him. Well what happens then is the word gets out and Moses realizes, I got to get out of here. So he flees, he's a fugitive and he runs to this place called Midian where he finds himself a lady. He gets married and he's in the middle of the desert working for his father-in-law tending the sheep.

Scott Rodgers: 06:32 But if Moses is anything like me I got to think that when he's wandering around the desert in Midian tending the sheep he's got to be a little frustrated. Everything I just told you is biblical. I'm going to now speculate because if Moses is like me here's what I'm doing in the middle of the desert watching my father-in-law's sheep. Walk around kicking dirt in the air all frustrated complaining to God. And I'm saying God didn't you see the oppression that your people are under? Don't you notice the wrong that's going on here? God do you even care? Because I try to do something and you didn't have my back and now I'm in the middle of a desert and I'm doing this. God do you even care?

Scott Rodgers: 07:13 That's what I would be doing if I were in Moses shoes. And I think that may be what he was doing because God responds, and read it some other time, but in Exodus 3 Verse 1 thru 6 scripture says that God appeared to Moses via a burning bush. Moses sees this burning bush, it's engulfed the flames but he notices it's not burning apart. So he approaches it and God speaks to him and says, "Hey, take off your sandals because now I'm here and you're standing on holy ground." He gets Moses' attention but I wonder, is that the norm, is a burning bush normal? Is that what God needs to do to get your attention and my attention. I mean is that how he goes about his business, the invitation of a burning bush? Now I know a lot of folks here love Jesus and God's using you to make a difference in the world so let me ask you take a little survey and this might be a test of how long you can hold your hand up OK. How many of you by show of hands have ever been in the middle of the desert?

Scott Rodgers: 08:23 Come on, you know where you are right? Keep your hand up, everyone should have a hand up. All right. OK. Keep it up. How many of you have been in the middle of the desert and seen a burning bush? Keep your hand up. All right? How many of you have been in the desert, you've seen a burning bush, it was engulfed in flames yet it wasn't burning up? Keep your hand up. How many of you have been in the desert, you've seen a burning bush, it was engulfed in flames, it wasn't burning up and God appeared to you and spoke to you? Keep your hand up. OK I just have to do my pastoral duty here. If your hand is still up I want to suggest that you weren't experiencing God, you were just smoking something. I'm just saying...

Scott Rodgers: 09:17 Because it's not normal that God appears in a burning bush. At least in my experience and I've yet to meet someone who had a similar experience. It's not normal that God invites us through a burning bush but I am going to suggest it is normal that God places a burning desire within us and that's often his invitation to join him in his word. If you have a Bible, maybe it's a paper Bible. Keep your hand on Exodus 3 because we're going to turn over for just a minute to Psalm chapter 34, oh I mean Chapter 37. All right. Everybody say Psalm 37. Let me let me kind of establish this with you. Here's what it says in Verse 4.

Scott Rodgers: 10:05 "Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Delight in him and he gives us the desires of our heart. This is one of my many favorite scriptures. But it's often misunderstood and even more sad than that it's it's sometimes wrongfully applied. Because here's what we tend to do with this verse. We'll find delight in the Lord, he gives me the desires of my heart. So we treat it as Jesus is our Genie type of verse. Jesus and I give my life to you, I start livin' for you, I place you at the center of my life, that now because I'm doing that you're now obligated to grant my desires and fulfill my dreams. And sadly that's often taught that way. But that's not at all what that scripture is saying. What it's saying is that when we put our desires, when we delight in him he fills our heart with his desires. We begin to care about what God cares about.

Scott Rodgers: 11:11 We don't to dream for God, we receive a dream from God, and that dream from God is to fulfill his purposes on the earth. It's a transfusion of dream, of desire, when we delight in him he gives us his desires and now we care about what he cares about, and he invites us to join him in his work. We begin to care about what he cares about. So go back to Exodus Chapter 3. So Moses is in the desert and he's all frustrated. If he's like me he's kicking dirt around and he's all angry. Oh god why why this, why that, and then God responds after speaking to them through the burning bush. And here's what God says to himm "I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers and I am concerned about their suffering." You know in the book of Hebrews it says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. That means that God doesn't change in his nature and in his character.

Scott Rodgers: 12:19 Have you ever wondered in seeing suffering in your life or in this world, have you ever said, "God do you care, God do you notice?" Moses asks him this and God responds and says. "I'm concerned about their suffering." Verse 8 so god says, "So I've come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of the land into a good and spacious land." So I'm thinking all right, check this out, like gods comin' on the scene. He's bringing down the hammer. He's intervening. What's this going to look like when God steps into this moment to deliver his people? This is going to be awesome. And then it goes on. He says he's going to bring him into a land flowing milk and honey, the home of the Canaanites and all the other -ites Go to verse 9, he says, "And now the cry of the Israelites has reached me and I've seen the way the Egyptians are pressing them. So Moses here's my action plan." Verse 10, "So now go, I'm sending you, I'm sending you to Pharoah to bring my people, the Israelites out of Egypt." You know what's interesting is that Moses had a burning desire from God and it was the oppression. It was that it was freedom from the oppression of his people. When he saw it he knew this is wrong. I've got to make right this wrong. But the problem that Moses had was he did it on his terms and in his time and he took God's plan into his own hands and jacked it all up. And he's out in the middle of desert. But you know what? That's how God gets our attention. That's how he invites us. He places a burning desire within us to fill a need to right a wrong. He does. There are so many things in this world that have fallen short of God's original design. And he's inviting you and me as followers of Jesus to join him in his work of filling these needs. Meeting these needs in righting wrongs in the world. That's his invitation. It's a burning desire within. To get involved with what he wants to do. So if that's the invitation then what's the nature of the work? What's it look like when you try to paint your picture this way? For a number of years I had the opportunity and privilege to be the pastor to the most important people in church, the kids. For a number of years I was a children's pastor and in teaching them I found it very important because I only had them for a short amount of time because they were going to graduate through to the next level. And once they get in junior high it's all out the window. So I got them right here. I got to get them right? Before they go crazy. And I thought well how could I partner with parents, to reinforce what mom and dad are saying and to say what God wants to say. So I would try to teach core truths that kids could hopefully come back to later in life when life threw them a left hook and through a blow they could hang on to some truth and stand on that foundation. So here's one thing I would often teach the kids. I'm going to share it with you. Here's how I would set it up. I'm like oh boys and girls once you look me right in the eye. Look me right in the eye, get your finger out your neighbor's ear and get your finger on your nose and look me right in the eye because I got something important to tell you. And in fact if you remember this when you get older it's going to help you, it's going to save you some from some frustration and disappointment if you can grab onto this truth. So I want you to repeat it after me and I ask you to repeat it someone ask you to do the same thing OK.

Scott Rodgers: 16:04 Here's what I want to do , say this after me, say, "Good God bad devil." That's what I would teach you. Deep theology isn't it. And if I didn't scare them to death. It's true. That we serve and are pursued by a good God. But we have a spiritual enemy, a bad devil. It's Bible 101. And just knowing that helps us look at the world through a more biblical perspective and our own life and try to understand more about how do we approach life, what's going on. Good God bad devil. Let me show you how this flushes itself out in the work that God's inviting you and me into Acts 10:38. Let me just read this to you. It says this, Acts chapter 10 verse 38. How God anointed, how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power and how he went around what? -- Doing good. And healing all who were under the power of the devil because God was with him. This devil talk is not fanaticism. This is Bible truth. It says Jesus went around doing good healing all who were under the power of the devil because God was with them. You want to know what the general nature of the work that God invites us into? Its being a do-gooder. Everybody say I'm a do-gooder.

Scott Rodgers: 17:30 Read go around under the power of God being used by God. We go around doing good. Being agents of healing to others who are experiencing the effects of a broken world. The consequences of sin and oppression that comes from our spiritual enemy. We literally go around undoing what Satan has done or God uses us to help undo what Satan has done in the lives of people. We become in some ways God's repairman in God's repair woman. Have you ever broke something and the repairman showed up at your door and a big sigh of relief came over 'ya? Or maybe it was a broken down car or something?

Scott Rodgers: 18:16 When I first got married I was horrible mechanically, mechanically inept and the only thing that got me any better, which is not much, is YouTube. I YouTube everything. How do I fix this and that? But in this day YouTube wasn't around and when Shelly and I first got married I had this grandiose idea. I'm going to mount a ceiling fan in our living room, in our great room.

Scott Rodgers: 18:38 So I go to the local Home Depot, get the fan bring it back, put the box on the floor, unpack it and there's this thing in there that men don't understand, it's a foreign object in the box. It's a white piece of paper. You know what it is. I throw that aside. I'm like, this is pretty simple, I can do this. And I'd figured out where a beam was going through the ceiling. So here's what I did. And guys if you're mechanically inclined you're gonna think I'm the stupidest man on the planet which you're half right okay, it's alright. I go out in the garage I grab two things, I grab the ladder and I grab a big saw, a big saw like you cut branches off trees you know. It was like this big with a big handle and I pop a hole through the ceiling, the drywall and I start cutting a big hole hole in the ceiling. I cut a hole in the square this big. Now you guys know it takes a hole about that big to mount a ceiling fan. I cut a huge hole. All right. The hood is open. Let's get after this thing. And so I go about trying to mount this thing up there and I grab those instructions and I read a little bit about wiring it up. I wire it up. I'm like here's the time. This is awesome. I don't know how I'm gonna fix the ceiling but the fan is hung. I go over and I flipped the switch and here's what happens. I hear a, pop, the fan didn't move. But a popping noise came from the bathroom. I walk in the bathroom and there is this huge black streak going up the wall coming out of the electrical outlet. I had wired it up in a way that somehow got to our bathroom outlet and boom, a plume of smoke comes out of the outlet with the flame and it was all over our wall. And at that point I'm thinking I'm in trouble. I got a call the repairman. So I look in the yellow pages, so you guys have no idea what that is. Look at the Yellow Pages and while they still deliver those things on our driveway I do not understand. But anyway, I look at the yellow pages like AAA Handyman or whatever it is and I call this guy he comes out to the house and he's an elderly gentleman retired and he's doing this I don't know, just stay busy, and he's kind of a to-do list kind of guy, a honey-do list man. And he walks into the living room and there's the big hole and the fan. And he kind of walks in like, and I'm just feeling this sense of shame the whole time right?

Scott Rodgers: 21:05 I'm like, I'm such a little man and he's looking at it. So what seems to be your problem? And you know rhetorical. Who knows what he was like he saw the big hole. I said, "Well, I hooked up the fan and caused a fire in the bathroom." All right? Take him in the bathroom, takes a look. OK OK. He comes back out gets up on the ladder and before he gets on the ladder he takes some tools off his tool belt. He literally puts them on our dining table like this. He takes it and he goes - tap - with force, and I'm like hey man, I ticked off the handyman. You know I'm such a loser. And he gets up there he works one half hour, fixes it all up, gets done, didn't fix the ceiling, that's a different, that's a different phone call and he gives me the bill and I say, "How much I owe you." And he's whatever it was and I gave him the cash. And then he says this like before he leaves, "Hey do me a favor." I'm like, "Sure whatever you want." He says, "The next time you get the idea of fixing something yourself -- don't."

Scott Rodgers: 22:14 Here's my card. Call me again. And I was this, "The repairman came. He fixed my silly mistake!" What was broken and god in a way uses you and he uses me in all of our inadequacy to help become a repairman and repair woman in the lives of broken people. Which we all are broken. He puts a desire within us, a burning desire to fill a need and to right or wrong in the world and he invites us to do this with him. But here's, here's where we often, we often miss it because all this kind of, this conversation of grandiose of desire and a burning within to right a wrong in the world sounds real noble, courageous even heroic. But here's what we often miss it. Is that God doesn't only invite us through a desire within. He invites those of us who are followers of Jesus by calling us to a duty. Let me explain this to you. I'm going to go to Ephesians Chapter 4 and you're welcome to turn there, Ephesians 4, you guys still with me? All right good, good, good. So I'm going to speak just for a moment to what I would call those of family. Those of you here at Cornerstone would say Cornerstone is my home because maybe you're here and you're someone whom I would call a friend or a guest and you're just checking the thing out, you're checking out, checking out Cornerstone. Maybe you're even exploring faith and what that all looks like and means. And so to me you are a guest and a friend. So this is really not pertaining to you but allow me to allow you to laugh at us who are Christians for just a moment OK. So to the family here's what it says in Ephesians 4 16. Speaking of the operation of the local church, the body of Christ. The Apostle Paul writes, "From him, Jesus, the whole body, that's the church, from him the whole body joined and held together by every supporting ligament..." kind of a metaphor there of the physical body, it grows and builds itself up in love as each part does it's... when you say a four letter word as each part does its... Work. You see God will get our attention through placing within us a burning desire but it's not always that way. Often the work is right in front of us and as followers of Jesus, God calls us to step up and do our duty. Let me explain it this way. You ever throw a party at the house like you're shelling out or having people hold two groups of people two groups of parties that we'll do. One is friends all guests and friends, then the other is times we have family over maybe like Thanksgiving or something like that. With the friends party here's what we do, and this is kind of what happens of course on every campus every weekend as we throw a party for both. Friends and guests and family. Those who call Cornerstone home. Well if you're a guest, here's how we try to approach it and hopefully you experience this in a positive way. We're like oh man. Come on in. I was so glad you're here.

Scott Rodgers: 25:23 We're so glad that your guest with us today come on let me take your coat, take your coat and set it down for you. Come on over here, grab a seat, make yourself comfortable and we'd like some a drink. Can I get you an nice cold coke? Oh man. Yes. Pour you some Coke over ice. There you go. Hey. Chips and salsa right here. Eat as much as you want. Don't eat too much though because dinner is ready in about a half hour. OK. Make yourself comfortable. My home is your home. The bathrooms that way. Enjoy yourself. We're so glad you're here. That's how we treat guests when they come into our home or maybe how we should. But when family's over, let's say it's Thanksgiving, it's a little different vibe. You're cooking the turkey, whatever it is, you're trying to do all that stuff and you're like, "Hey uncle Willie, can you buy some take 'em out mashed potatoes? Willie, Willie -- because I've got to get this turkey going and I don't want it to get cold. Melt that butter in there whip that up. Oh yeah. Oh aunt Allison throw the biscuits in there in the oven now, don't do more than nine minutes because we can't have burnt biscuits. I'm telling you that butter is going to melt real nice but if we burn the bottom of our biscuits it ruins everything, cook it nice. Allison you take care of that." I'm working on the turkey.

Scott Rodgers: 26:31 We all kind of scurry around together, get the work done, eat a big ole meal enjoy ourselves, relax for a couple of minutes and then what happens? Well, we start doing stuff, cleaning up, but it seems like there's always this, the one, there's uncle Joe in the family. Or Uncle Joe, and you're working and you're out in the kitchen. And where's, where is Joe. Is he going to help? Joe, he's in the living room on the sofa. Oh man he's full. He had a big old meal, he's watching the Detroit Lions and Thanksgiving. Barry Sanders back when God was with them. Oh he's burpin' a little bit. Always feeling good. He ate. There comes a time after dinner where Uncle Joe needs to get off his butt and help with the dishes. Right? You can see where I'm going here. Stepping on toes. If Cornerstone is home there comes a time when we all have to get off the sofa and help with the dishes. Not only because there's a lot of work to be done because, but because that's the way God designed his church. He said every part does its work when every part does its work it builds itself up and when we do our part we actually experience God more and more. So this isn't really necessarily a selfish thing served just to help but it's served to become the hands and feet of Christ. And when we do we experience more of God in our life as we allow him to use us. So here's what I want to do. I want encourage you and challenge you for just a moment. When you came in you received the Weekly and inside that I want you to look at something, there's something in there that I actually asked them to put in there, it's, I thought, and we got to give people a way to do something about what we're talking about.

Scott Rodgers: 28:39 And there's a card in there called Serve. And this is your way to say, "You know what? Cornerstone is my home and I come and I get, I receive a spiritual meal every weekend or as often as I come. But you know what I want to do. Now I'm not serving so I want to, I want to get off the sofa after the meal and I want to help with the dishes. I want to help invest in the lives of kids, of students. I want to help be a part of the team that creates such a welcoming guest experience here which, by the way, come on let's give it up for all the folks who make our experience wonderful cornerstone. Thank you for what you do.

Scott Rodgers: 29:25 Become a part of that team or whatever it might be. But there comes a time guys if were're going to experience God more fully in our life we have to get up off the sofa and help with the dishes. And here's the caveat to you it is, at least my experience, I'm not putting God in a box but my experience was I saw a need but I didn't have a burning desire for it. Once I stepped in and got involved and helped with that need then the burning desire came after that.

Scott Rodgers: 29:52 I think when God says. "Hey if you're faced with little I'll make you faithful with much," and that's what Scripture says. So I encourge you, fill this out, get involved, and by handing it in. When you walk out there's a serve booth to your left and when you drop it on the table what you're really saying is. "Hey, thanks for the meal. I'm willing to help with some dishes. What do you need?" And just get involved and help ecause God said every part has to has its work to do.

Scott Rodgers: 30:20 So at this point maybe you're like me because you're thinking well okay Scott I get this whole deal God places the burning desire with us, or if it's not desire it's just a duty that we see right in front of us. But Scott you know I run a large company or I manage a branch or department or I run a classroom or I'm a stay at home parent and I'm working harder than all those people I just mentioned and Scott I just feel inadequate when it comes to being used by God with spiritual things or to serve other people. Well if you feel that way you're not alone because that's exactly what Moses felt. He complains to God, God responds and hears and God says, "I'm sending you, now go." Here's Moses' response in verse 11 Exodus 3, "But Moses said to god. Who am I. Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?" I know God, I'm not complaining I'm just saying God don't you care, this the wrong has to be right. And what's your deal, what's you gonna do God? And God says, "I'm coming and here's the plan, I'm sending you." And Moses says, "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa stand down. I wasn't that serious. Who am I to go to the pharaoh?"

Scott Rodgers: 31:35 Here's what God says in verse 12, God says, "Moses don't you know that you're Myers Briggs personality indicators and S.T.J. and that's a great profile for a leader, you're good. Moses, didn't you graduate from U of A. I'm not going to hold it against you. Moses, you're a great people person. You light up a room. I can really use that." God doesn't talk about his strengths, his qualities, his traits or anything. God simply says in response to Moses, he says, "I will be with you." I will be with you.

Scott Rodgers: 32:19 You see the only qualification is God's call and then once we willingly respond he equips us. Sure we make a lot of mistakes along the way. I mean goodness I make so many mistakes it's crazy but we learn as we go. And God says, "I'm sending you but I'm not sending you alone. I'm going with you." He invites us to get involved in his work to fill a need, to right a wrong to bring glory to his name. I want to encourage you stand for a moment. I want to read something to you and we're going to pray. And then we're going to worship for just a moment. And now we're going to go. So we'll be done in just a few minutes. Here's what 2 Corinthians 12 verse 9, 10 says and it's, it's the Apostle Paul writing in a moment of probably physical ailments,maybe he sniffle and sneezing and all over everybody he's around. A moment of weakness maybe insecurity, a sense of inadequacy. And he prays and he said that God said to him, "My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness."

Scott Rodgers: 33:28 Therefore Paul writes I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses. Isn't that interesting? Dude you don't you have any experience with that. I know. God called me though. What, you can't do that. What makes you think... I know. I have no idea what I'm doing. Isn't that awesome, God called me. You see whenever we think that God needs our brilliance to accomplish his purpose you're going to end up like I have a number of times -- flat on your face eating humble pie. Because what qualifies us is God's calling and he'll equip us along the way.

Scott Rodgers: 34:11 So he says this, I'm going to boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses so that Christ's power may rest on me. That sounds like experiencing more of God if you ask me. Verse 10, "That's why for Christ's sake I delight in weaknesses, in insults and hardships and persecutions and difficulties for when I am weak then I am strong." You know the reality is that here at Cornerstone we're just a bunch of messed up, jacked up imperfect people aren't we? I mean in light of who God is but look what God's doing. Look what he's doing through your church and using imperfect people who are willing to get involved with the work he's doing. Look at what guys doing at Cornerstone, look what God's doing at Central, look what God's doing at Sun Valley. Look on and on and on throughout the Phoenix area because a bunch of yahoos like us are saying, "All right god. I'm willing, and maybe if we get to that point where we're like Moses or like my speculation saying God you see the problems in our city, you see the problems in our school and our neighborhood and our world whatever that might be. God don't you see it and don't you care?"

Scott Rodgers: 35:21 God's response is similar to Moses when he said I see it and I care. And maybe God would flip the question on us and say, "Well do you?" Because if you did you'd do something. Let's go, let's do it together. Let's pray. Let's bow our heads and pray for a moment.

Scott Rodgers: 35:40 Father God thank you for the privilege to be used by you. God I pray that you speak to our hearts today. God I pray that some of us would literally not be able to leave the parking lot today without saying, "All right man. You read my mail. God you got me on this one. I'm getting off the sofa. I'm going help with the dishes." And God I pray that you'd use that step to fuel a greater burning desire to partner with you. God I pray you'd fill all of us with a desire to fill a need, to right a wrong and to invest our life into what you're trying to get done in this world. So Lord we thank you that, that you love us. You're relentlessly pursuing us with your love. God you're always at work and now you're inviting us to get involved and through it Lord I pray with confidence and I know that we'll experience more of you as we do and we thank you for this. In Jesus name, and if you agree you can say amen.

Recorded in Chandler, Arizona.
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