Relationship Vampires - 9/1/2019 - Week 4

Knowing that Jesus is in you can help you deal with selfish people.

Landon MacDonald
Sep 1, 2019    37m
In this sermon Pastor Landon MacDonald teaches us about the 10 signs of selfish people. He explains that the way to deal with these people is to remember that Jesus is in you, and with him in you you'll have the power to overcome the selfish people in your life. He teaches from First Samuel Chapter 15 about Absalom, son of King David, to illustrate the behaviors of a truly selfish person. Then he took the list of traits attributed to Absalom, and showed us how Jesus has the ultimate power to overcome all of them. Video recorded at Chandler, Arizona.
Cornerstone Church
1595 S Alma School Road
Chandler, Arizona 85286