Relationship Vampires - Week 3 - “When Helping’s Not Helpful”

We need to choose wisely when it comes to helping others.

Linn Winters
Aug 25, 2019    34m
In this sermon Pastor Linn Winters tries to helps us choose wisely when it comes to helping others. He shares stories from scripture to illustrate the difference between the times we should step in and help, and the times we need to let someone hit rock bottom so that they can come to their senses. For those that need to need to hit rock bottom, he cautions us not to create a soft landing for them. We don't want to enable them to keep being foolish, they need to learn on their own. For those that need help, sometimes instead of monetary help, they need a mentor in their life. In other words, the need a hand up rather than a handout. Video recorded at Chandler, Arizona.
Cornerstone Church
1595 S Alma School Road
Chandler, Arizona 85286