I Want You Back

God is love and we are forgiven thru Christ our savior.

Tim Beal
Jul 2, 2017    34m
Tim Beal discusses how hard it is to love ourselves even when God is love. In order to love ourselves we need to let go of our pasts, no matter how messy they are. If we do not let go of our past and give it to God, our past will keep us from loving ourselves in the future. Video recorded at Chandler, Arizona.

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Tim: 00:37 Hey, how are we doing? Good morning. If you were to tell me 20 years ago that we would open up a church service to some Journey, some Guns n' Roses, to some War and some Jackson 5, I would hugged you. But I would have thought you were smoking something illegal. What in the world?

Tim: 00:55 Man, so glad that you were here. Hopefully you have had fun with this series man. We started this Mix Tape thing off with Scott kicking it off with some Journey and I hope that this has happened. Honestly this is going to sound hateful, but it's with a hug, I hope that we have ruined some really good songs for you. I hope that every time you hear Don't Stop Believing, you remember it's not stopped believe. I hope that that truth rings true. I hope every time Guns n' Roses, Sweet Child of Mine, comes on that you're reminded that you're a sweet child of the king. I hope that any time you hear a little war Why Can't We Be Friends you remember to love your neighbors. And today man I hope that any time you hear Jackson 5 and you try to do that little, I don't know what that is. I tried and almost broke a hip man. Any time you hear some Jackson 5 you remember that God desperately, desperately, desperately wants you back. We're in this Mix Tape series we're ending it now. We're on, we're on the last leg of the trip home and we're going to hopefully go out with some fun. And we're going to look at what it means for God to really want us back.

Tim: 01:54 Thank you so much for going on this journey with us and certainly hopefully when you hear these songs this is in the back of your mind. And again if you're in San Tan, if you're out in Scottsdale or if you're in the venue my people man, thank you guys for serving and for being at those services. If you are in overflow, watching online, back at 5:00, thank you for being a part of this. There is some cool stuff that's happened over these last four weeks and today I hope we carry that through.

Tim: 02:16 Today I want to, I want to carry over something that we started on last week cause I think that guy did something cool last Sunday. And I would love to kind of continue that into today. Last Sunday if you missed it, if you missed any of these Mix Tape series and you don't have to wait five hours with your finger on the record button like we used to do back in the day. Now you can just get online and just look it up but definitely go back and watch last week and see what it means to love people who are hard to love.

Tim: 02:39 In studying for the last week and getting ready for today. I thought that maybe, maybe one of the hardest persons or people to love is that person that looks back at you when you're brushing your teeth. Sometimes it's harder to love ourselves than it is to love people around us. And sometimes I think that we hold on to what we've done. We hold on to our past. We hold on to just junk or trash in our life. And in doing so it kind of keeps God at arm's distance because how could God love us if this is who we are.

Tim: 03:07 And so sometimes it's hard for us to really get past our past. So today as we walk through this. This is your, I guess your excuse to know where we're going or maybe if you have to go to the bathroom this is your time. Today we're going to talk through what it means to be loved through your past because God desperately wants you back. So today's message man this is for anybody who has a past. This is for anybody who's struggled with their past and a past could be six or seven years ago it could be 25 years ago. It could be two minutes ago. It could have been as you were parked in your car. That could be your past. But for whoever struggles with their past this is for you. If you've ever thought your past was too messy. If you ever thought that there's so much in my past there's no way that God could love me. This is for you.

Tim: 03:51 Now, I think if we were truthful, I think all of us have a moment in our past that we struggle with. I remember in the seventh grade. I'm the baby so I had two older brothers. They were 5 and 6 years older than me. My brothers loved this thing called the pink belly. I don't know if any of you have experienced the pink belly before but being the baby in the family you are usually on the recipient end of the pink belly. I was seventh grade trying to make friends because seventh grade is so hard and it's so difficult to make friends in seventh grade. You're talking and all of a sudden your voice does weird. It's so weird. My mom made my clothes because we were poor and not poor but we were thrifty. So. You got mom making clothes and then you got left over clothes. Then you got your voice doing, seventh grade was hard. So I was trying to make friends. I invited some friends out to my house. They show up. My brothers decide then that pink belly is something that they needed to take part of my life. The pink belly was simply this. It was you would be minding your own business. Loving life, just doing what normal little brothers do. And out of nowhere one of my brothers would come in and tackle me, pin me to the ground holding my legs down while my other brother then would grab my arms pull him above my head pull my shirt over my face and one of them would tickle me some crazy ticklish. And then the other one would use the back of his hand and just slap you in the stomach or the chest until your whole chest and stomach turns bright red or pink. Thus the name pink belly. Trying to make friends, invite them over to my house, getting up to go to the bathroom my brother comes out of nowhere blindsides me. Takes me down holds my legs down my other brother pulls my shirt over my face just starts slapping me in the stomach, tickling me. I start laughing real hard. I'm like screaming. They keep going because they think it's funny because this is one of the ways that brothers show that you love your little brother is by the pink belly. Pee pants in the process in front of my new friends. Ya'll laughed at that. That's really hateful.

Tim: 05:41 Trying to make friends in the seventh grade. If you're trying to make friends now just know this peeing your pants is not the way to do that. There's nothing cool about that. Remember in that moment, I don't know what my friends did. Honestly I have no clue. I kind of blacked out. I don't know if they got, ran down the street trying to chase their mom who like, "come back." I don't know what it was. I just know this. I know that all of us. We all have a moment in our life that we wish we could change. We all have a moment in our life. And it may have been something that we did or it may have been something that was done to us. But all of us have things in our past that we wish weren't there. That we wished it wouldn't have happened.

Tim: 06:20 If you've got a Bible, man, jump with me to a book called Second Corinthians. We're going to spend some time in just one verse because I think, I think if we can take this verse and just kind of dissect it and really just tear it apart, I think that there's something powerful in it for us today. I know this is true with our past. I know if we don't let go of our past and give God our past our past will keep us from living in the future. If you continue to look and dwell in your past your past will rob you of experiencing life in your future.

Tim: 06:52 This letter in this book called Second Corinthians was written by a man named Paul. And he wrote it to this church in Corinth and the church in Corinth Paul wrote more content letters to them than any of his other books. He spent more time trying to help this church in Corinth than any of the other churches. And he spent tons of time writing them letters trying to understand and get them some help. And this is why the church in Corinth really just kind of exploded. It just really grabbed hold of who Jesus was and it was running full steam. The problem was they were really far from God because Corinth was a really jacked up city. So you had people who were really messed up that came and trusted Jesus with their life. And now they're in church and I don't know if you've noticed this but we don't really change that fast because we're stubborn and we're human. And so sometimes we carry our past with us into church. And so this church in Corinth was filled with really, really jacked up people. Kind of reminds me of Cornerstone. Just being honest. It was a church that was meant, it was covered by everything it had every, every walk of life. Just like us. And just like us it was full of really messed up people. Now you may have thought that walking in here was a safe zone but you need to pause just for a second before we get any deeper in this and just look to your left and to your right and you need to realize they're messed up.

Tim: 08:06 Those people that you're sitting by right now they are seriously, they're jacked up like there's stuff going on in their lives that you're like, "Whoa." Yeah they're just as messed up as you are. That was the same thing with this church in Corinth. This was a place that was completely, completely filled with jacked up and messed up people. And so Paul wrote them this letter to try to help them kind of deal with some of that. In the middle of this conversation he's having with them, which is Second Corinthians, Chapter 5 we find this small verse with so much power in it.

Tim: 08:34 And he wrote this verse I think to try to help this church in Corinth to deal with their past so that they could experience life and their future. It's Verse 17 and he says this, 'Therefore if anyone is in Christ the new creation has come. The old is gone. The new is here.' Therefore if anyone is in Christ and now I studied Greek in college I took a couple of semesters. I'm not fluent in Greek by any means. Really all I learned was how to use books to help me understand what Greek words were. This was written in Greek originally so I went back and where Paul says, 'Therefore if anyone' I looked at that word anyone and I looked at it in Greek and if you translated to English it means anyone.

Tim: 09:22 It means anyone. If anyone is in Christ. Now in Christ is this really cool term. In Christ means if anyone, if any one of us has at any moment in our life went to God and just said God I'm done. Man I'm yours, that's in Christ. If there's this moment where you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord you believe that God raised him from the dead. You went to God and just said God I can't do this without you man. I desperately need grace. I desperately need your forgiveness. I desperately need you as Lord of my life. That's, that's you. That's anyone in Christ. So if anyone, anyone, anyone in Christ. You'd become this new creation. This brand new creation. Anyone.

Tim: 10:07 I remember going to church as a kid and I'm old school. We went to this thing called Sunday School. And the way that they would get you to go to church as a little kid early in the morning was you usually have these really nice older ladies that would throw candy at you. And it worked because I was there every week. And you would sit in Sunday school and I'll never forget I had this really sweet older lady that would teach me every Sunday morning about Jesus. And she taught me, man, with my life that I was I was drowning in my sin. So it was kind of like Tim that you're out in the ocean and you can't swim and so you're drowning, trying to stay afloat. And then God comes in this tug boat. And he he rose up beside you. And he's got this life preserver that's Jesus. And he sees you drowning in your sins so he takes a life preserver and he throws it to you and you swim into the life preserver. And Jesus saves you. And it was this really beautiful story that if you plan it out and flannel grass it looks so cool.

Tim: 10:51 The only problem was it's not true. I was never drowning in my sin. I didn't need to turn over a new leaf. I didn't need to be reformed. I needed to be reborn. I need to I was dead and I needed life. I was wandering life like a zombie just trying to find existence. I was dead and I desperately needed new life. If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation. The old is gone and behold a new. If anyone is in Jesus, anyone trusts him with their life they go from life from death to life.

Tim: 11:26 Now one of the things that we do and it's it's hard, it's hard for us to embrace that. I think sometimes we keep God at a distance and we keep pushing him back because our past. Why would God want us back? Why would the Jackson 5 had any truth this morning for us? Why would God desperately want us back when we know who we are?

Tim: 11:50 There's three things that I think help us through this. There are three things that I'm adopting into my life that I'm trying to make on a regular basis. Things that I say to myself, that I remind myself of and there's three things that I want to share with you this morning. So you've never taken notes when I've spoken before and I don't blame you because I wouldn't either. But today you should. Man, write these three things down because these are three things that will free you and will help you in dealing with your past, even if your past is two years 20 years or two minutes. There's three things that will help us through that. And they're all found in this one verse.

Tim: 12:21 So in Second Corinthians 5:17 there's three things, three thoughts and the first one is this. 'In Christ I am completely forgiven.' In Christ I'm completely forgiven. 'Therefore if anyone is in Christ the new creation has come. The old is gone. The new is here. In Christ you are completely forgiven and can we stop and just praise God that you are not partially forgiven. You are completely forgiven. Holy cow. Hallelujah. You are completely forgiven. That means that all of the sins that are a part of your life are completely forgiven. That means the things that you've done that you've got tucked away that you are hoping and praying to God that nobody ever finds out about you. You hope that they stay deep somewhere in a closet. Those sins are completely forgiven. The things that you've done in the past is completely forgiven. The sins that you haven't done yet just because you haven't had time. Those are completely forgiven because of in Christ. Completely forgiven.

Tim: 13:21 The problem with completely forgiven with me is condemnation because I don't know about you but I'm harder on myself than I am anybody else. And I know about the things that I struggle with and I know about those things. And I have those thoughts to where I think if people really knew who I was would anybody be my friend? And then if people really knew my thoughts and my struggles would anybody really talk to me? And I condemn myself really easy.

Tim: 13:46 If you can't keep your keep your finger here and come back go just a little bit to the left to a book called Romans Chapter 8. There's a verse that I think piggybacks this verse really, really well. And it helps with being completely forgiven. It's Roman 8:1 and it says this. It says, 'Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.'

Tim: 14:05 There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. You get that when Jesus was on the cross that payment for your sin was so powerful and was so complete that you are completely forgiven. His death, his burial, his resurrection was so strong that it completely forgives everything that you've done, and everything you will do, and everything that's everything, completely forgiven. So the first one in helping you deal with your past is just understanding this. I am completely, completely forgiven.

Tim: 14:39 Now, the second one, the second one is this. In Christ I'm valuable. In Christ I'm completely forgiven. In Christ I am valuable. You get that the value of something is really determined by the price that someone is willing to pay for it. Now I looked up some paintings and things like that. I was trying to be relevant this morning and I realize that you guys are smarter then me and you're probably artistic. And you're like that's cause you all are normal. And so I was looking at pictures and different things like that and I found tons of paintings that looked like a 4 year old vomited soup on a canvas and people who were giving millions of dollars for this stuff. And I don't understand it because I'm looking at it going, "Really?" And yeah and they're paying millions and hundreds of thousands of dollars for these paintings and it's valuable to them because they see something valuable in it.

Tim: 15:24 So if that's really true and you want to test that theory today, moms you raise your hands real quick. Hey look around real fast. If you want to test this theory real fast this is a real simple way to test the theory of value is determined by what somebody is willing to pay for it. Find one of these ladies who just raised their hand and on the way out today mess with one of their kids. Just mess, just trip like when they're walking by. Just be like. And then just step back and watch because you'll have the sweetest, most precious, most nicest mother in the world, that looks like a Betty Crocker off the cookbook who bakes cookies, who's the sweetest lady ever. Who will walk up who will see you put your foot out in about .2 seconds, faster than a Ferrari can hit 60, she will be from this sweet, precious, little lady to this Amazon Wonder Woman, she beast that will rip your face off for messing with her kid. And it'll happen like that. And it's scary because you never see it coming. Cause kids are precious and moms know that.

Tim: 16:26 If the value of something is determined by what somebody is willing to pay for it, can I just say this real quick? You're not an accident. I know we live in a society right now where people will tell you that you are. And maybe you've heard that already that you were an accident. That you're a whoops. That you weren't really planned on. That you just you just happened. We are taught this in our schools. Your kids go to school for 12 years and they're taught that they just accidentally came to be. That there were these little cells that kind of got together and threw a party and then more souls came and they threw a party and more cells came and then they decided hey let's be a fish. And then that fish decided you know what let's don't be a fish. And then they became a dog and then from that it transferred somehow into you and accidentally we went from just a few little party cell into you. And there was no rhyme or reason behind it. It was just, it was an accident. It just happened.

Tim: 17:17 You weren't an accident. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. And in fact this book, from cover to cover, it talks about how valuable you are, and how God formed you, and how God put time in making you, and how God designed you specifically for a reason. If the cost of something determines its value, think with me just for a second, what Jesus paid for you? Not only did he speak the wonders around us into existence. Man you go out to the east a little bit you see Superstition. Those mountains are crazy cool. They are so beautiful. And God just spoke and that happened. You go up north and there's a big hole in the ground. It's kind of like a canyon. But then God spoke and it became grand. You go out tonight in Arizona is covered by the most beautiful sunsets in the world. I hear there's really good sunrises too but it's so early, so I just stick with sunsets. Beautiful sunsets.

Tim: 18:22 It's like God just gets his paintbrush out and the sky goes from yellow to orange to red to violets. And this beautiful, man especially when the clouds come in and it gets all this ripple. And God spoke and that took place. This book says that you were fearfully and wonderfully made. That when God made you, when he thought about you, that he put time into that. That he put effort into that. That he came out of heaven and he didn't speak you into existence, he formed you by hand. And he built you.

Tim: 18:57 Who likes country music? Be honest. I know that's a sketchy question to say in public. God did that. I don't know why? He gave you that desire. A banjo comes on and you get excited. He did that. He made you that the height that you are. He gave you the hair that you have. The hair that you don't have. He gave you the eye color. He did all of those things because he specifically designed you for a reason. You're not an accident. And if price is really determined by what somebody is willing to pay for it, Jesus not only specifically designed and formed you but he did that because he loves you. And he showed that not by telling you but because of the price that he paid for you.

Tim: 19:38 And I think every now and then we should just stop and we should celebrate the cross. Because the cross is what 'in him' is all about. The cross is what 'in Jesus, in Christ' means that the cross is what set us free because that's the payment that was made for our life. The, that was Jackson 5 coming back. The cross is what sets us free from that. The empty tomb is what proves it. If price is really determined by the amount that something is spent, you are incredibly valuable because the creator of the universe the Almighty God Himself shed his blood and gave his life for you. You're valuable.

Tim: 20:18 The third one is this. So not, not only, not only are you completely forgiven. Not only are you valuable. But, but this one, 'In Christ you are unconditionally loved.' In Christ you are unconditionally loved. Therefore if anyone is in Christ the new creation has come. The old has gone. The new is here. In Christ you are completely, unconditionally loved and being honest, I don't unconditionally love well. And you don't either. So don't judge me. We don't unconditionally love well.

Tim: 20:56 I was driving to a wedding last night and I experienced the left hand lane. You know what I'm talking about. The left hand lane is designed specifically for you to go 15 to 25 miles an hour over the speed limit. That's why the left hand lane. The right hand lane is where you drive whatever speed you need to go. And I realized some of us have cars that are speed challenged and 50 is about as fast as you're going to hit on the 202. That's the right hand lane. I'm going to Scottsdale to do a wedding and I'm behind some, some dude in the left hand lane that doesn't understand the purpose of the left hand lane. And it was really hard for me to unconditionally love him. And I got real close to his bumper so he could see that I unconditionally loved him.

Tim: 21:42 Close talkers. It's hard for me to love close talkers. You know the people? They get right up in your business like you don't know if they're going to kiss you or you don't know what's about to happen but you want to give him a breath mint because you can feel them talking to you. They're like right here. I struggle with close talkers. I don't know what, I don't know what to do.

Tim: 22:00 You know who I don't have a problem unconditionally loving? My kids. And I don't know why because they push it. And it's not my kids, it's kids in general. From day one kids come into this planet and they man, they're like, they're crazy. They come in screaming and yelling and throwing up and pooping everywhere. And they come into this planet demanding things and never has, never has there been this little baby that went into this world and woke up in the middle of the night and said, "Mommy, I'm so hungry. I know you're tired though. Why don't you rest. And I'll just lay here and be peaceful. And when you finish your nap, if you could come and feed me that would be so splendid." No, they started screaming and going crazy and yelling and going nuts. And then they turn into teenagers. Holy cow. Then they borrow your car and then they wrecked it. Then they're shoving cookies in your CD player and it never ends. And at no point in time have I ever not loved my kids. Because it's not their, it's not their performance. It's their position in my life.

Tim: 23:13 You know how God unconditionally loves you. It's not because your performance. It's because your position. It's because your his kids and he unconditionally loves you. I think for some of us it's hard to grab unconditional love. And I think for some of us, today specifically, I think that we struggle. We struggle with God loving us because we've got a messy past. We've got some mess in our life. There's no way that God can unconditionally love me because I've got, I'm messy. How could God unconditionally love me with all of this, this?

Tim: 23:59 Maybe this will help. I'm gonna ask up from for some forgiveness because this is gross. I just don't know a better story to explain this and a better story to understand unconditional love. So remember I was a high school pastor for like 20 years. I'm about to have my first kid. Were about eight months pregnant. I'm interning with a man named Kyle who kind of took me under his wing and was mentoring me and was helping with youth ministry and was really pouring into my life. One of the greatest men that I know to this day. He had two daughters. They were about 10 months apart. So he had a daughter and then as soon as our daughter was born they had another baby. And these girls were really close. And I was asking him for fatherly advice because I knew going into this that I had no idea what I was getting into and I was terrified. And I don't know if, for those of you who are dads, I don't know if that was you walking in if you were just like, "Hey I got this." Not me. I was like, "Dude I'm going to screw these kids up. Help." And so he's asking Kyle for help. "Kyle, give me something."

Tim: 24:52 And he begin to tell me a story of what happened the weekend before. This is 100 percent true. He said, "Tim I was sitting in my kitchen studying", because he studied at his kitchen table, and his house was set up you had the kitchen table, a long hallway that went into the kid's bedroom. Remember the kids are about 10 months apart. He said, "They've been they've been sick all week. And they're back in their bedroom. And I put them down for bed. And then my wife goes down and you know she's asleep and so I'm sitting there study and I'm getting ready for Sunday. And the kids are playing and they're having a good time but I'm studying so I'm just letting them go. And they're you know they're laughing and they're cutting up and I'm like man they're not killing each other so just just let it go." And he was like, "That's good words of advice when your kids aren't beating each other up, just let it happen." So I was like , " Sweet, I'll write that down." So he said, "I'm sitting in the kitchen. All this noise is going in the back room and they're just having a blast." And then he said, "They got really quiet." And he was like, "Hey so write this down. Man when your kids get really quiet, they're doing something. So check them out." And so he said, "I finished where I was at my notes and then I could hear them. And they were kind of fighting with each other but not really fighting. But the playful little noises had turned into a different noise." He said, "I got up from the kitchen table and began to walk down the hall and about halfway down the hall it hit me." He said, "It was such a smell that it was one of those smells that you could taste. Like it was walking and you could see like the waves in the air from the smell that was coming from their bedroom." And he's like, "It was unlike anything I've ever smelled before. I don't I don't understand it at all." And he said, "I walked into their room and I opened the door and in their bed the younger daughter had had an accident in her diaper. Been sick all week."

Tim: 26:28 The older kid had learned how to take diapers off. So the older daughter took the diaper off. The younger daughter. And they begin to play with this beautiful thing that had just happened and it was everywhere. He said it was and it was like mousse. They'd fix their hair and they moved it around. He's like my girls are going to be there. They're going to play like in the Olympics and softball because they have taken this stuff from the bed and they had thrown it across the room to the walls. It was on the ceiling it was on the floor. It was on every dresser. It was on their clothes. It was on their face. It was everywhere in the room.

Tim: 27:02 So as a dad I'm thinking what did you do? Because I'm going to like my wife and like, "Hey the kids need you." And then I'm going to go to sleep. What, what did you do? And they begin to tell me. He said, "Tim I walked back and I looked at them and they both looked up at me with these beautiful eyes. And I reached down and picked them up in their filth. And I carried them into the bathroom. And I set them down in the bathtub and turned the shower and the three of us got in the shower and we began to wash the filth out of their hair. And scrub the filth out of their ears. And wash and take clothes and we didn't even try to save the clothes we just put them in a bag and burned them. Like we pulled those often kind of threw them away. And I began to clean my kids. And once I got them fully clean I put new fresh clothes on them. And then I carried them to where my wife was asleep and I set them down in bed beside her. And then I walked back to their room with a fire hose and a bucket of bleach and I began to scrub the carpet. And scrub the walls and got a ladder and scrub the ceiling and marveled at the arm that my little girls had. And after several hours of cleaning the filth out of their room I finally got to the stench where you can smell it. And I finally got everything, all of the mess cleaned up and so I went back to where my girls were asleep and I picked them up and then I carried them back into their room and I set them back down in their nice clean bed that I put new sheets on. And then I went and I cleaned myself up and then I went to bed and preached the next morning."

Tim: 28:48 And at no point in time, at no point in time would a Dad ever walk into that room and look at those little girls and say, "Are you serious? This is, I pay the bills. I give you electricity. I feed you. And this is how you repay me? Are you serious right now? Clean yourself up. This is disgusting. Clean up your mess. Clean, you're gross. Clean up who you are. And as soon as you can clean yourself up come and find me and then then we can talk but until you do." No, no, at no point would a dad do that. You get that this is exactly what Jesus did for us. He walked into our filth. He walked in unconditionally loving us because he desperately wants us back. Walked into our mess and picked us up out of our mess and carried us to a spot where we could be made new. And you weren't, you weren't, you weren't sick, in need of help. You were dead in need of life. You didn't need to turn over a new leaf. You needed to be reborn. And he picked you up and he made you brand new.

Tim: 29:44 And in Christ you have this freedom. And not only that, he, he cleaned up the mess around you. And he makes you this new creation. And at no point did he ever look at you and say, "Clean yourself up. You disgust me. How dare you act that way in front of me. Fix that and then we'll talk." If anyone is in Christ the new creation has come. The old is gone. The new is here. He picked you up out of your mess and some of you needed to hear this because you thought your mess was too messy for God. You may have thought that you've out sinned God's grace. You may have thought that you've out sinned his love and you need to hear the truth. You can't sin God's love for you. It doesn't matter how messy your past is. He loves you unconditionally loves you.

Tim: 30:43 And in Christ we have freedom for that and if you want to know how valuable you are? You are valuable enough that the king of the universe stepped out of heaven to be the payment for your life. And in Christ we are set free. And I get that when we talk about this some of us, some of us get a little nervous because man really we're talking about God, God wanting you back. But really it's mixed in grace and some of us can see this and we're like, "Man, Tim don't you understand if you talk about God forgiving your sins, sins that you haven't done it and grace you get that, that people are going to abuse that." And usually if you think that way it's because you don't understand grace yet. Because once you start to understand grace, once you understand, understand the payments that was paid for your life the last thing you want to do is abuse.

Tim: 31:33 This book is full of men and women that desperately needed God's grace. It's full of people that were completely jacked up just like us. It's got people like Noah. Who Noah on paper and VBS was awesome. Right? He built the ark and all the animals came aboard, saved his family. We just forget what happened after Noah. When the ark landed and he planted a great vineyard and became a drunk. But yet he's one of our heroes because he was saved by grace and he desperately needed God. We forget people like Peter who stood up and denied Jesus three times and then 50 something days later preached this message at Pentecost and God used him in spite of his mess. This book is covered from from page to page with people who messed up.

Tim: 32:26 Can you please hear me and you may have got a distance but he desperately wants you back. He desperately wants to pick you up out of your mess and give you a brand new life. And for some of us it's got to start, it's got to start with us letting go of our past because you will and never experience life in your future if you're trying to get life from your past. I can't think of a better weekend to be set free. If you're struggling with who you are, can you remember today whose you are? You're valuable. And you are unconditionally loved. Pray with me.

Tim: 33:04 God thank you for today. Jesus thank You for grace. God thank you so much for the truth that this book, God the truth no matter who we are or what we are that we are yours. God and we are valuable not because of what we are not because of performance we are valuable because a position were valuable because we're a child of the king of the universe. That we are sons and daughters of God Almighty. So Jesus today would you help us to stop living in our past? God for those of us right now who are struggling with who we were, will you remind us of who we are? That in Christ we're set free. God maybe today this was specifically just for one person who can't let go of the mess in their past because they thought that that pushed you away. Well you just let the simple truth ring true ring true today God that you are desperately madly in love with some. God for those of us who know you who, man, right now we seem to be doing really well. Will you help us to not get caught up in areas of our past? And to maybe remember these three things God that in you were free that you were unconditionally loved God that in you we have, we have complete forgiveness. Jesus help us to walk out and remember that about ourselves. And then in doing so help us to show the world that same love. So Jesus use us. Thank you for saving us. God thank you for picking me up out of my filth and giving me a new life. And thank you for that truth being for everybody. God we asked you to do something with us this week. In your beautiful name. Amen

Recorded in Chandler, Arizona.
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